Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creatures of the Forest

There's a lot of really nice goodies lying around SL, I took some time to put some together, they are definitely worth grabbing! Like Swallows Group gift Mesh eyes, even the skin I'm using; Take a look. ^^

Want to say a quick thank you to Sebastian Prince of Thorns, For making a guest Appearance in my posting, I'm sure he will become a regular--out of obligation :P Besides he has too many amazing outfits not to show them off!

Poses: Well this was a Real surprise, My friend Bullet Jupiter made some JUST for me! ^-^
Thank you Doll! <3
Her MP Store

Shirt + Pants: Milk -My Hollywood Glam Set -Lilac
Shoes: DMD Midday- Super high leg warmer pumps + Ruffles
Hoodie: Yulicie-Open Hoodie- Perfect Wardrobe

Makeup And Accessories

Lips: Pink Acid-Lacey Lips & Teeth-Frosty Pink
Necklace-FD-Cat Necklace -White Cat -Collaber88
Ring:Miss Murder Blossom- Blue Cherry Blossom Ring
Ring: Pepper-Granny Rings
Headband: EY:NO Bunny Headband -Gold -Free Gift

Skin: Ooh-la-lucious-Barbie -Skin fair gift
Hair: Magika Hair- Quote
Eyes: Swallow- Mesh eyes -Group Gift

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