Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! Got a very sexy post for you all. First lets talk about the amazing skin from Glam Affair the skin is for the little tiny event called 50 linden friday and is at the main store in the front for only.......50L!!!! Next we have some very cute and sexy tattoos I came across while looking for a tattoo for a friend of mine. Next is we have a brand spankin new hair from Little Bones. Next we have some brand new lip glosses from Pink Acid!! And lastly we have the most amazing arrow horns from Remarkable Oblivion. This will be over at the faMESHed event tomorrow. February 1st, also opening tomorrow is the Fantasy Gacha, I cant wait. *Warms up my wallet* Hahahaha

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

(Enjoy my nakedness oh and check out my cute azz)

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokotana - America - Star 50L Friday!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Shattered - Fallen City

Hair - little bones. - Black Mirror - bleached New!!!

Lip Gloss - ::Pink Acid:: - Donut Glazed Lip Gloss - Cherry on Top New!!!

Leg Tattoo - :: Criss :: - Feather and Birds tattoo

Hand Tattoo - [] - Hand Applier Tattoo - Henna Series 2

Hands - Slink - Elegant

Feet - N-core - Tip Toe BAREFFET

Horns - RO - Cherubim Horns - Cupid Red @ faMESHed Feb.1st!!!

Azz - ** - Cute Azz New!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Golden Elf!!!

Happy Wednesday or Happy Hump Day!!! It's been to long I haven't blogged in forever. Been sucked up in my new kick in SL, Roleplaying! Couple of new and exciting things, first I was accepted to be part of the blogging team for Little Bones. They have some really cute hair styles and hopefully soon I will just a big hair post.

On to the look right, LUAS put out this gorgeous gown it's sleek and sexy goes down the one side to really show off that leg and a nice sexy plunging back side. Comes with necklace, cuffs, belt and a mask. Another great thing is it dose have applier for the boobies and what I actually have my cute azz on. That is what I love about the cute azz I can wear all my mesh items and my azz will not stick thru it. Lastly we have a brand new hair from Magika very cute and sexy love the colors as always.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Elvi - Europa 01

Eyes - .ID. - Reflection Eyes - Light Green

Eye Shadow - .Pekka. - Shadows in Me

Pore Glitter - ::Modish:: - Face enhancement - Pore Glitter - LaLaz Skin

Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf Ears New!!!

Hair - Magika - Never - 01 New!!!

Tiara - (epoque) - Jagged Tiara - Gold

Erulisse Circlet -  Deviance - Erulisse Circlet - The Priestess - Rare

Feet - N-core - Tip Toe Barefeet

Hands - Slink - Elegant

Dress - LUAS - Tarna Ivory (includes belt, cuffs, necklace) New!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cute azz & Azz Show!!

Hello my little shopping addicts. Well everyone knows that there is a new azz out call the Cute Azz and well I bought one. It is perfect for us "funsized" girls to have some what of an ass. I do love it very much it helps so you dont have a square ass or blockie knees. Also it helps if you get the appliers for the right skin tone or else you will have a seam line. So the azz show opened up and I have been trying my hardest to avoid that place cause I know I will bonkers because well any phat azz applier will work on a cute azz. Crazy right?! I did how ever go to the show because I saw this amazing tattoo from elska. I also found some sexy lingerie from RMA. Love me some purple stuff you know me :)

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva Skin - America - 05

Eyes - {D.A.} - Sinistre eyes - Violet

Tattoo - elska - Madame Butterfly  @ The Azz Show!!!

Eyeliner - .Pekka. - Metallic underliner - purple

Hair - Truth - Melita

Hands - Slink  - Elegant

Feet - N-core - Tip Toe BAREFEET

Necklace - Glam Affair - Chained Necklace - Pearl Grey/Silver @ Collabor88!!!

Bra & Panties - *RMA - Barbara - purple The Azz Show!!!

Azz - ** - Cute Azz New!!!!!

Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bites - silver

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pink Umbrella!

Hello and Happy Sunday everyone! Got a nice little number for everyone to enjoy. Remarkable Oblivion has release these adorable awesome umbrellas at the OMGacha event. 3 Rares and many commons. Next we have some brand new items over at the Collabor88 event. Glam Affair released a brand new Skin and it is just gorgeous as well as a very awesome necklace that comes in 6 colors, next from Tableau Viviant has a very pretty braid in the back with some awesomely cute ponytail to the front with some texture changing bows. Lastly we have a brand new body suit from LeForme over at the Silicone event. It also comes with a cute bow kitty headband.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokotana Skin - Europa 05 @ Collabor88!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Gem eyes - Pink

Necklace - Glam Affair - Chainedlink Necklace - PearlGrey/silver @ Collabor88!!!

Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bites - Pink

Hair - ~Tableau Viviant~ - Ophelia Hair - Summer @ Collabor88!!!

Hands - Slink - Casual

Umbrella - RO - Daiquiri

Heels - N-core - CINQ @ OMG!!!!!

Body Suit - [LF] - Honey Lace Body Suit - Pink @ Sillicone!!!!

Leg Straps - *MUKA*  - Garter Love

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Dark Elf!!!

Happy Thursday everyone its almost Friday and the weekend. Until then lets all enjoy this Thursday night with some SHOPPING!!!!! I made my way down to the We <3 Role Play event and I found the most wonderful dress ever. It's from a store called  The Library and it's amazing. The texture on the dress is awesome and it flows so wonderfully. It's mesh so demo it before you try. Next we have a very pretty tattoo from NOX, this was over at the Suicide Dollz event. I believe this round is up and a new one is in the process so I will leave a link to NOX instead. And lastly those awesome ears from MANDALA gah I just love them. Oh and the Armor is from the forge they are also at the We <3 Role Play event.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokotana Skin - America 04

Eyes - .ID. - City Lights - Blue

Eye Make Up - :Little Pricks: - Winged Eyes - black

Lip strip - :[P]: - Aleria Make ups - lip stripe

Pore Glitter - ::Modish:: - LaLaZ Skins - face enhancement - pore glitter

Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bites Piercing - Silver

Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf ears

Circlet - Nox. - Eira Circlet - black

Hair - Truth - Vida - black and whites

Hands - Slink - Casual

Armor - [The Forge] - Eldar Armour Female We <3 Role Play

Heels - Red Grave - Adella

Dress - ~The Library~ - Jessica Dress - black @ We <3 Role Play

Sim - *~*Eden Castle*~*

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bloody Princess

Good Morning everyone. Got a couple of new things to talk about first we have this amazing hair from LeLutka, they have 2 new styles out and they are to die for, ok maybe not die but they are awesome styles. Next we have a semi new body suit from Forever Young comes with 2 packs and a HUD for the appliers. Next we have this awesomely gruesome group gift from Suicidal Unborn. You have to be a VIP in order to get this gift just TP up to the room and click the board. If you are not in the group there is a 300L entry fee into the group. Also just saw some brand new things come out today like the new round of Collabor88. Oh one last thing is a my ring from PMS these are at the OMG event called the skeleton rings 30L a try.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokotana Skin - 03

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes - Violet

Hair - [LeLutka] - New hair - Fades Natural New!!!

Tattoo - *Milk* - I Choose to Fly

Crown - :FY: - Fly Me Away - Purple

Ring - PMS - Skeleton Ring - White/Pink Pearls @ OMG!!!!

Nose Piercing - UtopiaH - Swirl Round

Chest Piercing - .Pekka. - Chest Heart - silver

Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bite piercing - silver

Liner - >Redbird< - Neon Liner - Pink Store Closed 

Body Suit - :FY: - Vixen Body Suit - pack 2 New!!!

Hands - Slink - Casual

Heels - Redgrave - ADELLA

Garters - SU! - Gartered Legs Group Gift!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sailor Moon @ OMG!!!!

Hello my little shopping addicts. About now everyone has been to the Oh my Gacha event and everyone has seen the amazing Sailor Moon Lingerie from The Secret Garden. The out fit is 50l a play and the wands are 75L a play so good luck to anyone that tries to play. The Gacha machines are near the sponsor signs. My good amazing friend Jenne helped me by posing the in the Chibi Moon look and I had on the Saturn. Thank you sooooo very much my hooka! I also wanted to point out a brand new tattoo from Grunge Ink, it's only part of the tattoo and has many layers as well as different ways to wear only the back or the sleeves of the tattoo.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Jenne's Look:

Skin - Glam Affair

Crown - Glam Affair

Hair - Chemistry - Harlie - hud 1

Lingerie - .tsg. - Sentofuku Lingerie Chibi Moon OMG!!!

Wands - .tsg. - Moon Stick & Cutie Moon Rod - Green OMG!!!

Heels - N-core - Vertigo

Glory's Look:

Skin - Glam Affair - Mokotana Skin - 03

Eyes - .ID. - Gem eyes - Violet

Liner - >Redbird< - Neon Liner - Purple Store Closed

Hair - Magika - Plenty - 02

Earring - [MANDALA] - Leather Feather Earrings - White

Tattoo - GrungeInk - Fallen Angel Tattoo - back only New!!!

Hands - Slink - Casual

Heels - N-core - Venus

Belly Piercing - UtopiaH - Pierced in Belly - silver

Lip Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake bites piercing - silver

Lingerie - .tsg. - Sentofuku Lingerie - Saturn @ OMG!!!

Wands - .tsg.  Moon Stick & Cutie Moon Rod - Purple OMG!!!

Garter - *MUKA* - Garter Love