Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Time Wedding

So I had this dress really pretty and flowing. I put it with the new Mesh Truth hair that came out and WOW! So very pretty, it can be just a spring time/summer/wedding dress. And no I aint getting married lol. The Flower is separate from the hair, comes in many other colors. Short and sweet, I Love this look and I hope you all like it too.

Enjoy and Shop On!

 Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Pink

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Night Diva Eyeliner & Lip gloss - Pink New!!!

Flower - /artiller/ - Hibi hair flower - Pink

Necklace - [EY:NO] - Wooden Heart Necklace

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Encore Piercing light

Hair - >Truth< - Savia Mesh - Mirage New!!!

Dress - Kyoot - Pretty White dress

Eyes - REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes

Tattoo - S (and) P - Dont Mess with a Princess

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello everyone dose today feel like a Wednesday more then a Tuesday. Anyways I was feeling very pretty today and so I came up with this outfit. The top WAY cute cause its a butterfly and well I LOVE butterflies. I found this off the Marketplace but I dont know if they are still there any more so sorry. Also the new shrug from [EY:NO]. And this Mesh hair I just cant get enough of I love it so much.Oh and I found this really cute butterfly that goes right on your nose. Super cute. And to top it off with some sexy eyeliner from Pink Acid. Hope you all like today's post.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Purple

Pants - [Cynful] - Orange Bottom V2 - White

Shrug - [EY;NO] - My Cute Shrug (cream) New!!!

Top - Agatha e Luck  - Top Butterfly Pink Not Available!!!

Hair - [e] - Abby - Blonde 01 New!!!

Butterfly On Nose - #187# - Papillon On Nose 2

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Punk Princess Eyeliner & Dimple Piercings Only Option

Tattoo - .::Delusions::. - Lost In Love with you

Boots - NINEtyNINE_High_Sneaker_Purple

Necklace - KOSH - The Angel Key Necklace GSP!!!

Eyes - REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pleasure & Pain

Happy Monday everyone! Wanna say one thing before I go on is Happy Rezz Day to my Dad Fenom Gasparini......6 yrs in the game...dang what a oldie hahahaha <3 ya Daddy. On to the clothes right? cStar released a new skin today called Kayden! Super cute and it sparkles. Great for all you Twilight fans right? Comes in 4 tones Elven Cool, Elven Natural, Elven Olive and Elven Warm. Ohhh and some more MESH hair from Wasabi Pills. Also a new tattoo from S (and) P for the WCF. Speaking of the WCF this sexy corset/top is also available at the WCF. 

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - cStar Limited - Kayden Skin - Elven Olive New!!!

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - red

Tattoo - S (and) P - Pleasure and Pain Tattoo New at WCF Only!!!

Pants - BC - Xtra Low Unbuttoned Jeans "black"

Corset - ::Envious:: - Shadow Corset & Arm Bands New at WCF Only!!!

Finger Tape - ::Envious:: - Shadow Finger tape New at WCF Only!!!

Collar - ::Envious:: -Shadow Collar New at WCF Only!!!

Boots - .:L&B:. - "Elise" Knee Boot Set:NOIR

Wings - ::{Favole}: - Temptation

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Encore Piercing. Dark

Earrings - Apple May Design - Obnoxious Hoops-black

 Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ - Amadine Mesh Hair - Black pack- Night Shadow

Blood - PIN ME DOWN - Bloody mess

Necklace - [EY:NO] - Crucifix Necklace (silver)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Newness @ PinkAcid

Helllllooooo everyone! Some sexy new stuff coming out from PinkAcid soon or is already out. Some sexy lipsticks with option of teeth or no teeth. And some SUPER SMEXY Leopard dress that comes in 3 colors, classic, blue and purple. This dress is bomb to, skin tight and with super low cuts in the front and the back. It's like Damn then turn around and DAAAAMMMMMNNN!!!!!! Hahahahaha I hope everyone had a good friday enjoy your weekend and stuff.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Pink

Earrings - [EY;NO] -  Color Beads Earrings (silver) New!!!

Hair - [e] - Abby - black 04 MESH New!!!

Eyes - REPULSE - Rigor Mortis Eyes (Dilated)

Tattoo - S (and) P  - Simply Love Tattoo

Leg Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Bow tattoos - clear

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Silk Lipstick - Purple New!!!

Dress - ::Pink Acid:: - Summer Skin Leopard Dress (purple) New!!!

Heels - Mstyle - DIDI Pumps - Thuilan

Corset - ::TGIS:: - Corset Piercing - Purples - Light Fresh

Spring Time!!!

Good Morning Everyone!! It's Friday....WOO! What has everyone got planned for this weekend. Me? I'm just counting down the days till my 30th birthday. O.O IKR?!?!?! OMG I'm getting up there now. Anyways spring is here and that means bright colors, warm weather and showing off that body. New things...these cute wonderful earrings from EY:NO the beads change colors, comes in Silver and gold. Also from EY;NO is these sweet sweet shrug. Good for those cool spring days. And this isnt new but its new to me is the sexy top from EY:NO as well. Ohhhh and this very sexy sweet MESH hair from [e]. Me lubs MESH hair hehe.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Make Up - Flirt - Colored Eye Ink - Pink

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Pink

Top - [EY;NO] -Sweet Spring Top (white)

Pants - [Cynful] - Orange Bottom V2 - Bubble Pink

Shrug - [EY;NO] - My Cute Shrug (cream) New!!!

Earrings - [EY;NO] -  Color Beads Earrings (silver) New!!!

Boots - NINEtyNINE_High_Sneaker_Pink

Hair - [e] - Abby - Blonde 07 New!!!

Eyes - REPULSE - Rigor Mortis Eyes (Dilated)

Tattoo - S (and) P - Don't Mess With a Princess Tattoo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello some awesome wicked new skins from cStar that I will constantly be talking about all these skins in the next few days. First off coming out tomorrow is the Aries skin! I'm so pumped about this skin because I'm a Aries and let me tell you this skin is Frackin AWESOME! It available tomorrow in the Gacha Machine only. Comes in 4 different skin tones. Cream, Elven Cool, Satin and Latte each skin has 3 cleavage options and 4 eye brow hair base options. Also available are the eyes you can purchase there are 12 different eyes you can win from the Gacha machine. Ohhhh and each skin tone gives you the option to have pale or black lips. The eye make-up on this skin is to die for...I'm cereal!!!! Remember starting tomorrow these skins will be available in the Gacha Machine for 10L the first day; then each day after its release it will raise 1L. I paired this skin with a awesome dress from Femme Fetal and hair from Truth.

Enjoy and Shop On! 

Skin - cStar Limited - Miss Aries - Latte (pale lips), Elven Cool (pale lips), Cream (black lips) and Satin (black lips)

Eyes - cStar Limited - Hell

Hair - >Truth< - Kathy - night

Dress - Femme Fatale  - Killer Queen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Feel Perfect

Another post! I am catching up hehe. This outfit I just randomly put it together and I just fell in love with it. Only new thing really is the make up from Pink Acid and this awesome awesome MESH hair! Short and sweet I know but this outfit is just to perfect to wait any longer.Oh one other thing, this bag from pepper is really cute it comes in other colors.I like the white, but you can also change the color the different items on the bag way cute right. And the Hair is MESH you can change the color of the bow. Make sure you demo the hair first before buying anything MESH.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze] New!!!

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Perfect Lips & Eyelashes - Bright Pink New!!!

Neck Tattoo - [Glue Ink]  -  Neck Heart Tattoo

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings-Pink

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves (White Lace)

Pants - [Cynful] - Orange Bottom V2 - Bubble Pink

 Tank Top - Grixdale - Simply Vintage - Tank Unavalible

Cigarette - [NikotiN] - Cigarette_Pink

Earrings - Apple May Design - Obnoxious Hoops-silver

Boots - NINEtyNINE - High_Sneaker_Pink_1.1

Hair - ::Exile:: - Midnight In Paris: Vanilla - Rigged MESH New!!!

Bag - ~Pepper~ Messenger bag - White

Eyes - REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes v2 eyes (Normal)

Red Lips

Happy St Patty's Day everyone!!! I swear everyone is all about green and I have no green on today I hope I dont get pinched today >:O Cute little number going on here I think looks really cute. Body suit from Glue Ink at the WCF. slammin bullet belt from Pepper and some brand new glitter lips from Pink Acid. Hope you all enjoy your day. Dont drink and Drive!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze] New!!!

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings-Red

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves-floral

Necklace -    [EY;NO] - Crusifix Necklace (silver) Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Bodysuit - [Glue Ink] - Neons ~ Bodysuit~Red  Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Skirt - [ Cynful ] ChrizzpyMini - black

Earrings - Apple May Design - Obnoxious Hoops-black

Tattoo - .:Delusions:.  - Beautiful Mess Group Gift!!!

Belt - ~Pepper~ Bullet belt

Piercing - .:ellabella:.  To Write Love On Your Lips

Leg Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Bow tattoos-Red

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Glitter Lip Gloss & Eyelashes - Red New!!!

Eyes - REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes v2 eyes (Normal)

Hair - .: vive nine :.  Duchess Braid in Dirty Blonde

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miss&Miss Project

Happy Thursday! So the other day I was invited to a group called Miss&Miss Event. At first I didn't really know what or how I got this invite. But it turns out its a Event based on different themes. The theme right now is......Military! Super cute stuff so far I think. Kinda like this outfit right now WAY sexy. Comes with different options. Jacket on or off, just the corset or corset with lace top. Cute necklace and ring also. What els.....ohhhh BIG thanks to Jaded for pointing me in the right direction for the hat. I hope you all enjoy and stop by Miss&Miss Event.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Make Up - :[P]: - Soul Ink Reloaded://LaVenta-Relic

Tattoo - .:SS:. - Love is a Battlefield Tattoo

Boots - .:L&B:. - "Elise" Knee Boot Set:NOIR

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Green
            FZaPP - Eva Peron-Military Miss&Miss Event Only!!!!

Necklace - FZaPP - Major Military Necklace Miss&Miss Event Only!!!!

Outfit - *Tentacio* - Boom Girl Miss&Miss Event Only!!!!

Fishnet - *blowpop* - Fishnet Tights-Black-Rip

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Snake Bites Piercing

Hair - Slink - Angel Hair - Obsidian


Belt - ..::Delicious::..  - Belt for GSP

Eyes - REPULSE - Rigor Mortis Eyes [Normal]

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!

Hello my darlings......I know its been a few days again since I post anything forgive me. So the WCF has been going on for about 14 days now and I am still trying to try on everything. I found this cute cute dress. The purple is soooo pretty. Also some New New New Boots from N-core...super hawt. The hud is amazing on these boots. You can change the color from the zipper, logo, the sock, heel tip and laces. Its a real easy hud to use. Also me gots a new skin from Al Vulo and I just LOVE it. The face is so perfect. And some new sexy hair from Truth! Ohhhhhh and some sexy eye liner from Flirt.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Al Vulo - [ Chantal ] - [Pure Bronze]

Make Up - Flirt - Colored Eye Ink - Pink

Neck Tattoo - [Glue Ink]  Heart Neck Tattoo

Leg Tattoo - S (and) P - Purple Awesome Garden Tattoo

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings - Purple

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves - White Lace

Earrings - Apple May Design - Obnoxious Hoops - Silver

Eyes - REPULSE Living Dead Eyes v2 (normal)

Dress~{Gothica}~ - Licorice Dress - Purple Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Hair - >Truth< Kathy - black and white - Night New!!!

Boots - N-core - EUPHORIA "Noir Intense" New!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

WC # 7

Well we made it! It's March 1st and the Whore Couture Fair is now Open!!!! Woohoo!!! Time to go nuts and shop to your hearts content. A little something about this sweet awesome sexy dress. A very low low cut in the front and a very low but sexy cut to the back of this dress. This dress dose not cover your bit so I just threw on some panties along with it. I had these shoes for a very long time and I thought they went perfect with the look. and this skin from AMD OMG! It's so beautiful and sexy, so perfect  for this WCF. I hope you all enjoy future posts and the fair. Remember to deprim and descript your self. They have some WC t shirts available when you TP to the landing point.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - (AMD) Regina - Date Drug - Deep Tan Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Dress -(BR)- The Bada-Boom Dress / Leo / Black Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly rings -Red

Necklace -    [EY;NO] - Crusifix Necklace (silver) Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Earrings -    [EY;NO] - Crusifix Earring (silver) Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Eyes - REPULSE Living Dead Eyes v2 (normal)

Hair - AD - .b - topaz - dark blonde

Piercing - .:ellabella:. To write Love on Your Lips

Leg Tattoo  - [Glue Ink] - Bow Tattoos - clear

Panties - [Glue Ink] - Lil Undies (black)

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves (floral)

Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Sakura Tattoo

Make Up - -Sorry.Asia-  Drama Eyes [black]

Shoes - NX - Naradcotix Absinthe B&W