Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sorbet Anyone?

Hello everyone...been awhile hasn't it? So much stuff going on in SL I cant keep with all the new stuff. Plus I'm so broke loool.Who isnt right? Anyways I got this really cute top from Chloe and it went so well with these pants I got from Pink Acid. Gotta love the side boob shot right. The top is mesh so it just makes it even better.
Gotta say thank you to Jaded for taking the full body picture. Every time I tried half the shoe would disappear. So thank you Jaded darlin <3.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - !Rehab - Summer - Dark w/cleavage

Eyes - .ID. Jubilant eyes / Stumblebum / darkest

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - Red

 Top - [Chloe] - Top Clarisse - XTROOM - (mesh) New!!!

Pants - ::Pink Acid:: - Low Rise Jeans - Poppy Seed Yellow New!!!

Lower Tattoo - .::Delutions::. - The Girl your mother warned you about

Upper Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - No Regrets

Bracelets - [EY:NO] - mess bangles (silver

Pelvis Piercing - <-Puncture-> - Crush Surface Set

Hair - >Truth< - Dee (mesh) w/roots - beach New!!!

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Alter Ego Eyelashes & Lip Gloss- Orange/Yellow New!!!

Boots - ::Duh!:: - Woman's Sneaker Boots-Black out

Earrings - [MANDALA] -  Leather Feather earring/black/silver New!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Darker Side of Life

Wow I am feeling the motivation today haha. I have the great honer to pose and talk about the one and only Jaded Lorefield aka DJ Red!!! This girl has some great style and I am so happy that I get to stand next to her and talk about clothes with her. Thank you darling for posing with me. <3<3

Everything we have on are either new or old stuff we have...mesh, non mesh. The one new thing I wanna talk about is my top from The Plastik available at the Culture Shock Event. So many designs available I choose this one cause it looks like skeleton ribs and you know me. Sweet and innocent but Dark inside. Again I loving this post and thank you to Jadedness for showing off your sexiness.

Enjoy and Shop On!

On Jaded:

Eyelashes - *GA* - Mesh lashes - "Fantasia" (mesh!)

Corset - **  - Luck corset - "snake"

SkirtPart of an outfit - Holipoli - untamed "sexy black mini"

Boots: Slink - "Tall leather thigh high boots" in black (mesh!)

Hair - Wasabi pills - "Cherilyn" in rouge

Gloves - Glue ink - "Ree gloves" in black sheer

Hat - [SISU] - "German officer visor"

Skin - The body co. - "Ivy" in tan

Makeup - Plastik - "soul ink" Shade Cateye

Tattoo - Aitui Tattoo - "Haters Make Me Famous"

Necklace - [EY:NO] - "Glamour Cross Necklace" in silver

Piercings - Pekka - "Symptom" unisex piercing

Weapons - Brutal Weapons - [Desert Eagles] shoulder holster

Cuffs - *Blitzed* - "Legacy cuffs" in black

Armband - *Blitzed* - "Marauder Armband" in black leather

On Glory:

Skin - !Rehab - Summer - Dark w/cleavage

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - red

Hair.Ploom. - OMG Wind - Blacks

Tattoo - UtopiaH- Ecdysis Tattoo (with make-up)

 Top - :[P]: - CS2012- Katyana Tops://Cage New!!! @ Culture Shock

Jeans - [Cynful] - Orange Bottom - White

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - Black - mesh!!

Earrings - [MANDALA] -  Leather Feather earring/black/silver New!!!

Corset Piercing - ::TGIS:: - Corset Piercing - black fresh

Eyes - :[P]: - Aleria Collection://Seelie-Fire

Let's Polka!!!

Hahaha no not really but lets show off this fantastic polka dot shirt from Chole! And it's mesh!! IKR!! I never really wear mesh tops unless they fit me and well these tops fit me perfectly. Also some NEW lip gloss from Pink Acid called alter ego. So many different color choices to choose, comes with eyelashes and lip gloss option; as well as just a lip gloss only option. The Perfect Wardrobe is up and running and this time they are doing a 50's pin up style. The first pose is from purple poses who is in the perfect wardrobe event this round. The hair I have had for ages and never really found anything to wear with it. Until short and sweet and matches so well with this look.I hope you all enjoy this post and have fun.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - [Al Vulo] - Chantal - pure bronze

Make Up - ::Pink Acid::- Alter Ego Eyelashes & Lip Gloss-Purple/Pink 02 New!!!

Tattoo - Endless Pain Tattoos - Lucky

Eyes - .ID. Jubilant eyes / Stumblebum / medium

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - Pink

Hair[Shag] - Bombshell - undressed

Top - [Chloe] - Set Katy-Purple New!!!

Jeans - [Cynful] - Orange Bottom - White

Bracelets - [EY:NO] - mess Bangles

Earrings - [EY:NO]  - Color Beads earrings (silver)

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves -White lace

Heels - NX - Nardcotix Absinthe - B&W

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where have you been all my life?

Good morning darling's...How was everyone's mother's day? A sexy post for today...I forgot I had these sexy bra and panties from Sticky Finger's. A semi new mesh hair from Truth and sexy new make-up from Pink Acid.
Ohh and S (and) P is now known as - UtopiaH -. So any time I post any tattoos from S (and) P it will be the new store name.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - !Rehab - Summer - Dark w/cleavage

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Gummy Bear Lip Gloss & Eyelashes - Hot Pink

Bra & Panties - :Sticky Fingers: - my white leopard underwear

Heels - Mstyle - RIVEA Pumps -Pink Flowers

Eyes - .ID. Jubilant eyes / Stumblebum / medium

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - Pink

Hair - Truth - Dee w/roots (mesh) - beach

Tattoo - UtopiaH- Pink Garden of my Body tattoo

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New @ cStar

Hello darling's! Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. Just a quick post here. cStar released a new skin called......Jean!!! Beautiful face and stunning eye make-up. This is a limited skin so these skin's are going fast. The dress is a oldie I had for a very long long time and thought I would share it with everyone. I cant be on SL right now but when I can I will add the rest of the items later on.

Enjoy and Shop On!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New @ cStar Limited

Wow! 2 days in a row?!?! I guess these latest finding's have given me that motivation I have been needing. Admit it you would have missed me huh?

Anyways, on the look right? cStar release their monthly skin called Miss Taurus and it comes in 4 tones Amber, Beige, Shine and Warm Beige. Comes with 3 cleavage options and 2 skin versions (black or no black). There are also 2 shapes available. All these are available in the Gatcha machines. The prize increases each new day so right now it's L$22. Or try your luck on the lucky board. All the prizes are transfer. Good luck ladies

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - cStar Limited - Miss Taurus Black 2012 - Warm Beige - C Cup New!!!

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Punk Princess Eyeliner Only

Bodysuit - [Glue Ink] - Neons - Bodysuit (red)

Eyes - cStar Limited - Goat Eyes Decay

Horns - Femme Fatale - Salacious Succubus Horns

Hair - Magika- [01] Dare - mesh

Body Spike - (BR)-  The Spike Body - Black

Rings - [EY:NO] - Crucifix Ring - Silver

Cuffs - ..::Delicious::.. - Picky

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New @ !Rehab

Hello everyone, I know I said I was taking a break, I also said I would blog when I got inspired. I came across this fantastic skin from Rehab called Summer. This skin only available thru May 1st thru Aug 1st. For only L$250!! It's a Limited Edition skin so run run to get it. It comes with Cleavage and teeth option and also a eyebrow shaper.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is these wonderful eyes from INSUFFERABLE DASTARD! They come in 3 different tones darkest, lightest and medium. They Also come with 4 different lipsticks. I don't have a picture of the lipsticks but you can click here to go to the killer kitten flicker and see the lipsticks.

Ohhhh and eyeliner is from.........Pink Acid!!! Click here!!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!

Thank you Stasey for snapping these pictures for me! oxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A break

Hey everyone......I'm gonna be taking a break from blogging for awhile. I just haven't really had the motivation to post anything. I'll post when I get a burst of inspiration. Thank you to all the designers for letting me into your blogger groups. And for everyone else in supporting me in this whole project. A big warm thanks to the great Stasey Oller for always being there for me and believing in me.

Here is a cool picture a friend did for me. Thx Vlad!

To be Continued.......Until then.....SHOP ON!!!!

<3 Glory