Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cold Season

Happy Wednesday! So yesterday is a new round of the Twenty One Event and WOW so many great items at this round. First we have this amazing hooded jacket from Foxes, you can wear this jacket so many different ways. I was a dork and thought you had to buy the shirts seprately but you dont they are with a jacket that you buy. Comes with a hud to change color of shirt and the fur. They have lots of normal colors the one I am sporting now is a limited color once this event is over this color is gone so make sure you go and get the color you want before they are gone. Oh the limited ones are 550L and the other's are 450L shirts are 100L. Next let us talk about the septum piercing way cute in a gacha form at the event for the store at Chary.The hair is from Spellbound for the Tag Gacha event. I have lots of extra's including a extra Fatpack if anyone wants IM in world and I will pass it along. The jeans are from Lolita these can be found over at the Big Show. And last but not least these amazing awesome super sexy boots from REIGN. These boots can be found at the Twenty-One event and are for Med slink feet or bellza mesh bodies. The eye make up can be found at the Cosmetic's Fair.

Enjoy and Shop On!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Penny - Asia - Magic Creature 03  @ Mystic Realms!!

Eyes - SU! - Alexa Eyes - Violet

Hair - +Spellbound+ - Velvet - Melty @ Main Store Gacha in front

Eyeshadow - .random.Matter. - Magnus Shadows - Noir @ Cosmetic's Fair

Eyeliner - [Buzz] - Sleepy Witch - Hocus Pocus Cosmetic's Fair

Collar Tattoo - {e.g. - Lace Collar&Chest Tattoo

Hand Tattoo - elska - Applique @ Twenty-One!!

Septum - C h a r y - Septum Ring 5 - black Twenty-One!!

Jacket - [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Ombre Purple - Limited Twenty-One!!

Jeans - Lolita - Betty Jeans - Dark @ The Big Show!!!

Boots - REIGN. - Fiona boots - black Twenty-One!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Remarkable Oblivion Spell Binder Hats!!!

Hi again so I thought I would just take some close up pictures of these amazing hat's. No editing or cropping just right from in world. Let's see 2 Rare's and 10 commons and a Mystery Hat. For these pictures I have Seer, Oracle and Luna. I mean really just look at the detail in all of these hat's. Amazing work! The rares and the mystery hat have a special something added to them. Seer the eye ball moves and there are burning incense on the Oracle hat, the mystery well that one is a mystery. Good Luck with tomorrow and getting all the ones you want and bravo to the ones who get the mystery one.

Click HERE to see the rare special features

And HERE to check out the TAG Gacha site again

The Hungry Witch

Happy Thursday, who else loves to play dress up around Halloween time? I love all these amazing awesome dark scary looks everyone is creating for the big day. My own little look I waited until I was handed these amazing hats from yet again Remarkable Oblivion. Last year Seb and his team put out these awesome hats and again they have these truly awesome hats. These hats will be in a good luck the event TAG Gacha which will open tomorrow is where you can find the hats and many other amazing things. There are 2 rares and 10 commons and 1 mystery hat, the rare each have a tiny little something awesome. You can see what seer dose here thanks to Blair. Also for the TAG Gacha you might want to read here for on how to play at the gacha event. Also a event that opened up is the Cosmetic Fair. The eye/face make up is from Nuuna, the leg make up is from a tattoo at the event called The Dark Side of your Soul, the store is called Kalina. I will make another blog soon with the rest of the make up's I bought and maybe another hat.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Penny - Asia - Magic Creature 03 @ Mystic Realms!!!

Eyes & Face make up - +Nuuna+ - Ghostly makeups @ Cosmetic Fair!!

Bloody mouth - SU! - Bloody Mouth

Eyeliner & Lipstick - UtopiaH - Seether Make up - black

Harness - +Spellbound+ - Cult Harness - black

Hair - Exile - Pick Up lines - Ice Blondes

Dress - Faster Pussycat - Varla Ballerina - black

Hat - Remarkable Oblivion - SpellKinder - Seer Rare Coming Soon!

Leg tattoo - Kalina - Dark Side of your Soul Cosmetic Fair!!

Hand Tattoo - Reckless - Skeleton Hands

P.S. I know my editing is kinda dark and weird so here is a close up no editing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Pink Fairy

Happy Tuesday everyone! Got some awesome awesome things to talk about. Right off the bat Moon hair is over at the Body Modification event. And there are 2 really cute styles. This hair is adorable in the pastel colors. Scoot back over to the Mystic Realms event. At the May's Soul booth is this really cute sexy elf, fairy outfit, comes in 6 colors and are adjustable. Couple of new things and lots of old but really great things.

Enjoy and Shop on!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Sia - Asia @ Mystic Realms!!!

Eyes - .Insufferable Dastard. - Jubilant eyes - stumblebum

Hair - Moon - Junip Villain @ Body Modification!!!

Eyeshadow - :[Plastik]: - Aleria Make ups - Smudge Shadow

Face Tattoo - :[Plastik]: - Soul Ink Reloaded - Sour

Head Tattoo - Nox. - Oracle - white

Ears - [Mandala] - Fantasy Elf Ears

Wings - {Lemon Tea} - Aithein Wings

Circlet - Deviance - Erulisse Circlets - The Priestess - Rare

Ring - INCA Temple - "Florenze" vintage engagement ring

Butterflies - .Atomic. - Flutter

Nose Chain - .random.Matter. - Oricnthi Nose Chain - silver @ Mystic Realms!!

Outfit - *May's Soul* - Nima - Pink @ Mystic Realms!!

Neck Tattoo - {e.g. - Lace Neck tattoo - white

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Purple Jewels

Hello my fellow shopping addicts. Got some really good stuff to chat about first Pink Acid as released a new skin over at the Candy Fair called candy, cute right? This skin has 2 versions bare and rainbow which has some very pretty rainbow make up around the eyes. At the Mystic Realms Faire we have the hair again from Truth. The boot's are so fracking awesome, they are from Flite and can be found at the Season's Story. Comes in 4 colors they are unisex so for both male and female and they are resizeable. Lastly the dress I found randomly on MP from a store called FashionNatic, they have some wicked looking awesome pieces of clothes and I cant wait to see what she comes up with next. Oh one last last thing are the tights from Suicidal Unborn these can be found over at the Young Sprint Event. 

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Pink Acid - Candy - Peach @ Candy Fair!!!

Hair - Truth - Thalia - Variety @ Mystic Realms Faire!!

Make up - UtopiaH - Seether make up - Royal 

Eyes - SU! - Bastet Eyes Group Gift!!

Septum - .random.Matter. - Cthulhu - silver  Mystic Realms Faire!!

Claws - .random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claws - black

Armbands - . aisling . - Tortuga Princess - Arm bands 2

Bracers - . aisling . - Tortuga Princess - Bracers 1

Earrings - . aisling . - Tortuga Princess earrings

Eye Patch - . aisling . - Tortuga Princess eye patch

Tights - SU! - Lady Rebel Nylon Tights - 05 @ Young Spirit!!!

Dress - FashionNatic - Annora Belted Dress

Boots - FLite - Rustic Boots - black @ The Seasons Story!!!

Neck Tattoo - {.e.g. - collar tattoo