Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anti V-Day

Hello my fellow shopping addicts. It's Tuesday and it's 1 more day closer to the weekend. By now you all have started to see events for Valentines. Well like most of SL we are all mostly single and do I have the best Anti V-Day outfit ever. Or if you just wanna look bad ass that's great too.

First up we have this jacket top I saw from another blog and thought it was wicked. Thanks to my friend I didn't notice that it is the jacket from a video game called Wet! The girl in that game kicked some serious ass!

Next up we have the sexy ruffle mini skirt from Piccara, I love how the red matches. Next up we have this awesome Mask from A&Y it was at the VooDoo event but I never got around to finding a good look for it, until now hehe.

Lastly again we have some great items from REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION, first we have this oh so amazing spiked head band, and comes in 3 colors. Next we have the Katana sword, it comes in 2 versions. Scripted and unscripted and you can change the color of many of the pieces. Ty doll ox.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - !Rehab - Shelbie - Dark - Five

Eye shadow - ::Pink Acid:: - Dark Angel Eye shadow - red

Eyes - .ID. - Tortured Eyes - Red

Hair - >Truth< - Cheyenne - fades - lava New!!!

Jacket - <TheAbyss> - F_Cropped_Bomber_jacket_black New!!!

Skirt - piccara - Mini Skirt - Red

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves - (floral)

Mask - A&Y - Lumen Cyber Mask

Belt - Fet!sh - Grenadier Belt - black New!!!

Boots - Maitreya - Jazz Boots - black

Stockings - .:BTS:. - Pop Rock-Cotton Candy outfit

Rings - RO - Dulity - black

Crown - RO - Crown of Thorns - Red New!!!

Sword - RO - Osafune - unscripted

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Happy Evening everyone.....I am being bad and blogging instead of schooling. I was over at the Collabor88 today and I have found the most amazing dress ever! It's from a store called R2 fashion comes in many other colors and has the matching boots to go along with it. Another great find at the 88 event was this oh so amazing necklace from Maxi Gossamer. You can pick from different chains the coloring of the beads and pendant.

Next up we have the very cute sexy hair from Truth. I am never taking this hair off. So sorry I was not able to get the back of the hair but when you see it's just a must have hair.

Lastly I was givin today from REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION these oh so amazing bow head bands. Comes in four different styles and you can wear it with the headband or just the bow it self. Lovin the spikes on these bows and how they are just so sparkling and shinning with greatness. Big thank you to axsisthorn your amazing doll. <3 Below are gonna be links to all the bows on MP and a direct link to his in world store.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - !Rehab - Summer - Dark Limited Skin!!

Make Up - UtopiaH - Love Make-Up - Red  @ Perfect Wardrobe

Hair - >Truth< - Laurie - fades - Lava  New!!!

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves - Floral

Dress & Boots - R2 - A/D/E Metallic Dress - Red  @ 88!!

Necklace - MG - Filigree Oval @ 88!!

Bow - RO - Briar Bow - Red -Stripe New!!!

Rings - RO - Lucky In Love - Red

MP Link to Unique

MP Link to Stripe

MP Link to Plain

MP Link to Dots

Red Riding Hood

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Got some awesome new stuff to show off on this post. I have to admit this outfit came down to looking like a very sexy Red Riding hood. Tried to find a basket and a wolf for the post but no such luck oh well.

First up we have this awesome hair from Catwa the hoodie has a hud that you can change the color of it. There is a new round of Perfect Wardrobe going on right now! They have some amazing cute Valentine items. Like from UtopiaH you have the sexy lip gloss and face tattoo as well as the sexy pelvis and leg tattoo. Another gorgeous thing from the Boobie Show is this amazing top from American Bazzar, it comes with a boobie applier I just didn't use the applier here because this skin dose not have a applier for the boobies. Next we have this really cute Mesh skirt from NV, comes in many other colors and 4 sizes to pick from. Went to check out Bens Beauty and I found some cute rings, lots of different colors to pick and comes in gold and silver.

Lastly I have been seeing this awesome cat all over SL and many blogs that I just had to get one for my self. It's from a store called Manticore and this cat attaches to you and walks, runs and stands along side of you.  It also comes in a white color cat as well, I liked this one for this post because it had a red cap just like my red hood. Way cute!!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - !Rehab - Juicy - Tan

Lip Gloss & Face Tattoo - UtopiaH - Love make-Up Set - Red  @ Perfect Wardrobe!!!

Eyeliner - ::PinkAcid:: - Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner

Leg Tattoo - UtopiaH - I'm the Wings that keep your heart in the sky tattoo  @ Perfect Wardrobe!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Creature of the night v2/Blind

Sleeve Tattoo - .:: Delusions ::. - Demonic Dreams

Nails - UtopiaH - Painful Blow Hand Set

Rings - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. - Melissa Ring Red Silver (left)
            RO - Lucky in Love - Red

Necklace - MG - Paris Black Diamond Necklace

Top - [AB] - Love Lace Top Red  @ The Boobies Show!!!

Skirt - [NV]  - Mini Skirt Pana - black  New!!!

Boots - :::LP::: - Quad Boots [Noir]

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ - Elanora - Night  New!!!

Cat - [Manticore]  - Black Cait v2

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Newness @ Modish & PinkAcid

Happy Hump day everyone. Sorry I haven't been blogging much been trying to keep up with my school work. Anyways got some wicked skins from Modish the other day and I just fell in love with them. I Love the lips and the face is just upper cute. This skin is available at the Soho Sample Sale at NYC. Comes in 3 different skin colors crema, Cappucio and coffee.

Next up we have Pink Acids items avalible @ the Fi*Friday event. This way cute top and these amazing eye shadows are up for sale. Oh I had found the couple pose from a Event called Hard Alley 7 Sins Hunt. It's been over for quite awhile but I still wanted to share the pose with you from Rack poses and this pose is so Fing hot. I love how they got the hand placement perfectly on her ass. Thank you to the sexy gent for posing along with me. Rawr!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Miana Skins - left to right - Crema, Coffee, Cappucio Soho Sample Sale @ NYC!!!

Eye shadow - ::PinkAcid:: - Runway Diva Eye makeup - Purple Fi*Friday Only!!!

Top - ::PinkAcid:: - Cali Tube Top - Egg Plant Fi*Friday Only!!!

Hair - [e] - Interrupt - White 05

Panties - [Glue Ink] - Lil Undies - black

Necklace - KOSH - The Angel Key Necklace

Tattoo - .:: Delusions ::. - Forever young

Rings - RO - Duality Rings - black

Couple Pose - Rack Poses - Bend Over

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello my lil shopping addicts! Have I got a sexy outfit to show off my goodies. That's right I'm gonna show off my boobies. Delusions released a sexy top for the new Perfect Wardrobe. It comes with appliers so WOOHOO! Comes in 4 sexy colors and just looks awesome if you wanna show off your boobies. Another semi new thing I wanted to point out was my rings from RO. They are the same rings in the previous post but I thought hmm these rings would look awesome in other colors. So well after some wonderful advice I was able to change the tint aka color on the rings and they look awesome. Oh and some new poses are out at Diesel Works. The first 3 poses in the first picture are from Rogan's Fairy Pose set. Thx Doll <3

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - [ Al Vulo ] - Jade - Winter Snow Fairy

Eyeliner - >RedBird< - Neon Liners - Pink Closed!!

Lipstick - :: Modish :: - Kaya.Lip stick - Pink

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes - Pink

Tattoo - .Pekka. - Color - Blossom passion

Nails - UtopiaH - Glam Hand Set -Nails

Hair - Magika - Today - [03]

Rings - RO - Lucky in Love

Leg Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Bow Tattoos - clear

Skirt - [Cynful] - Ruffle Mesh Skirt - light grey

Wings - *BOOM* - Arnael's Wings - White no chain

Heels - N-Core - ZEN "Striped Pink"

Tattoo Top - .:Delusions:. - Candy Dots Chest Tattoo - Pink @ Perfect Wardrobe!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Side Boob!!!

Happy Monday Evening everyone! The worst day of the week is over only 4 more days until the weekend. I love when I can blog all these great looks makes me feel so special. Got a sexy sexy dress from SpearSong. Its a super short mesh mini skirt and you gotta love that side boob shot! We also have this sexy hair from Magika Lots of new stuff but we also have lots of good oldies.

Short and sweet tonight ladies.... Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !Rehab - Jovana Dark - Four

Eyes - :Little Pricks: - Spooky Eyes

Eyeliner - :Little Pricks: - Winged Eyes - Red New!!!

Lipstick - ::Modish:: - Kaya Lipstick - SetA-1

Tattoo - .:Delusions:. - Sleeve Tattoo - Demonic Dreams

Ear Tunnels - UtopiaH! - Black Tunnels

Nails - UtopiaH! - Painful Bow Hand Set - sharp nails

Rings - RO - Duality - black New!!!

Hair - Magika - [03] later New!!!

Dress - .:SS:. - Black Pixie Hulter New!!!

Corset Piercing - ::TGIS:: - Corset Piercing - Red

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh jazz Boots - black

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Locked Out of Heaven

And I'm back for one more post before I crash into my pillow and blanket. Couple new things we have is the new amazing hair from Truth and the sexy red lip stick from Pink Acid. Also the  Aphrodisia dress at Cynful now has appliers available for purchase. I said I would bring you more from RO and I have, check out the awesome ring and this amazing gift necklace I personally got from the owner. Thank you Sebastian <3

Enjoy and Shop On!!

Skin - :[ Al Vulo! ]: - [Jade] - snow blonde brow fairy

Eyeliner - :Little Pricks: - Winged Eyes - black New!!!

Lipstick - ::Pink Acid:: - Justina Lips - Carrot Red New @ Fi Friday

Eyes - .ID. - City light - blue

Hair - >Truth< - Devina - Oasis w/roots New!!!

Gloves - [Glue Ink]  - Ree Gloves - White lace

Dress - [ Cynful ] - Aphrodisia Dress - White New Appliers!!!

Heels - NX - Nardcotix Absinthe - B&W

Rings - RO - Dulity - White (Left)
                      Lucky in Love - Red (right)

Necklace - RO - Light Hearted Necklace

Crosses and Owls???

Hello my shopping addicts! It's me again I know I'm slackin. But hey at least I'm still here ready to give you more great awesome and great deals. Got some nice lookin goodies up for this wonderful post. First up Alterego released these awesome MESH tops. Comes in many other colors and other designs as well. Then we have these amazing pants from [AUX] available at the TDR Fusion event. Next we have my sexy lip gloss from Pink Acid those can be found at the Fi*Friday event! Next up we have this awesome eye make up from Little Pricks, I gotta tell you this store is awesome. Kind of strange but in a very awesome weird kind of way. That's why I love this store so much. Lastly I was on MP the other day just searching for some awesomely new rings. And OMG I found the most perfectly awesome wing rings. They are from a store called Remarkable Oblivion or RO. The detail on these wings are just....WOW. I have not taken them off since I bought them. I also found a cute clutch bag and more rings that I will blog more about them in my next post. So on that note I hope everyone had a good fun filled drama free weekend.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - !Rehab - Summer - Dark Limited Edition!!! 

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes - Pink

Neck Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Heart

Eyeliner - :Little Pricks: - Winged Eyes - black New!!!

Lip Gloss - ::Pink Acid:: - Diva Lip Gloss - Pink New @ Fi Friday!!

Nails - [S H O C K] - Skull and Stars Nails

Rings - RO - Duality - Black New!!!

Necklace - MG - Owl Jewelled - Silver

Gloves - [Glue Ink]  - Ree Gloves - floral black

Piercing - [ni.ju] - snake bites

Hair - AD - .b - ffwd - black

Top - Alterego - Sleeveless Top - Cross - Pink New!!!

Pants - [AUX] - Belted Flairs - black skull New @ TDR!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty Pretty Princess!

Happy New Year my little shopping addicts!! Sooo I took a little break in the blogging department, but I will start up again as soon as I go thru everything and come up with some awesome looks. One thing everyone is raving about is the Cleavage Event! AlterEgo and Frosting are part of this awesome event! I gotta tell ya boobies every where for this awesome fair. Also new is this awesomely cute hair from Truth! And lastly we have some amazing new make-up from PinkAcid that is being sold at the Fi*Friday event!

Thank You Cupcake for helping me! <3

Enjoy and Shop on!!!

Shape - Frosting - Ella Shape *Cleavage Special* Cleavage Event!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Niaka - [Moka]

Lip Gloss - ::Pink Acid:: - Juicy Fruit Lips - Pink Fi*Friday Only !!!!

Eye shadow - ::Pink Acid:: - Superstar Eye make up - smokey black Fi*Friday Only !!!!

Eyeliner - >Redbird< - Neon Liners - Pink Store Closed!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes - Pink

Tattoo - ..::Delusions::.. - Forever Young

Nails & Rings - UtopiaH- Glam Hand Set

Crown - [BURLEY] - Your Highness Crown -01

Earrings - [MANDALA] - Leather Feather Earrings - Pink

hair - >TRUTH< - January - espresso New!!!

Top & Dress - {Alterego} - Pure - black Cleavage Event!!