Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kyoot Sale!

Hello darling's! Stepping away from the Voodoo event for a moment. I came across this look in another blog and I just loved it. Kyoot is having a sale right now 50L! Super cute stuff right now. This cute sweater top is just what any school girl wants to wear. Along with this adorable knee high socks. They come in 3 different style all for 50L!!! This mesh skirt I have had for awhile I got it at the GSP but I'm sure it's available at  piccara's main store super cute. Cute cute necklace and matching earrings from Ben's Beauty. I love how it really detailed on all 3 pieces. And my sexy sexy skin from Al Vulo! This look just scream sexy school girl. All I need now is a apple and a Book haha!

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - [AlVulo] - Debbie - Natural Cleavage - Cream New!!!

Make Up - Grixdale - The Body Shoppe - Fiji - seafoam Store Closed

Tattoo - [Glue Ink] - Heart Neck Tattoo

Eyes - .ID. - July Gift New Group Gift!!

Hair - [LeLutka] - TREND hair - IdontBleach

Top - Kyoot - Soft Resolution Top (white) 50L!

Skirt - piccara - Mini Skirt

Socks - Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks (lace2) 50L!

Necklace & Earrings - ..::Ben's Beauty::.. - Heart - Silver

Rings - >>Sexy<< - Butterfly ring - Blue

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Snake Bites - Simple

Glasses - INSOLENCE - Danielle Black Glasses

Monday, July 30, 2012

VooDoo Look #1

Hello darling's! I finally got my hands on some items for the Voodoo Event and WOW I can tell this event is gonna be smokin hot. I'm sure there will be a few odd things at first but when you match them up with a look it will look awesome.

First off we have these awesome mesh pants from V&M along with these ultra cool laid back shoes. The sexy top is from .:SS:. And OMG this hair I know its a old one but when I tried it on with this outfit it looks so perfect and great, The Checkered braiding in the hair is so very awesome. Another pretty thing is the horn and make up. There are 7 different horns each for the 7 different sins. Another new thing is the lipstick from Pink Acid! Ohhhhhh and I forgot about my awesome awesome skin from Al Vulo!!! I am sooooo in love with this skin!!!

Remember the Voodoo Event dose not open until August 10th!

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - [Al Vulo] - Polly2 Natural Cleavage hb - Caramel New!!!

MakeUp - ::Pink Acid:: - Matte Lick Lips & Eyelashes - Pink Love New!!!

Tattoo - .:Delusions:. - Forever Young

Top - .:SS:. - Off Shoulder Black Sound wave

Pants - V&M Inc. - Glam Zebra Skinny Jeans VooDoo Event!!

Shoes - V&M Inc. - Low Tops (street creeper) Voodoo Event!!

Horn and Make Up - Chus! - Sinful Voodoo - Lust Voodoo Event!! 

Hair - AD - .b - Checkmate - black

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes / Colors / Dark / Pink

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly Rings - Pink

Earrings - [MANDALA] - Leather Feather Earrings - Gold Metal - Pink

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Al Vulo & Frosting!!!

Hello my fellow shopping addicts. It's a shape and skin post!!!! I recently got handed some awesome awesome shapes from a new and up coming store called Frosting! The shapes can vary to all different kind's of sizes all the shapes are modifiable and copy. Big thanks to Cupcake Godric for handing me these awesome shapes.No matter what skin you put on these shapes it will look awesome.

Speaking of skin's....boy do I have some great Al Vulo skin's to show you all. Lovely lovely skin's. I hadn't been to Al Vulo in a long time and I finally made it over and I about died on and gone to heaven. Was going nuts with all these new skins out. 

5 great skin's paired with 5 great shapes!! What more can you ask for right?!? The following shot are whole body shot's and a nice close up of the face so you can really see the detail of the skin and how the shape really works well with the skin's

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin's - [Al Vulo] - (left to right):

Polly 2 Natural - Chocolate
Baba 2 Coquette - Caramel
Matilde - Red - 1 fairy
Debbie - Natural 2 cleavage - Cream
Giulia - Cateyes - cleavage-Tan

Shapes - Frosting - (left to right)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black & Pink

Hello darling's...Been a couple of days but I have been going thru my inventory like a mad woman trying to find the perfect outfit. Only 1 new thing out right now is this sexy lipstick from Pink Acid! What 2 better colors to put together then pink and black right. Also I have had this corset for a few and I finally get to talk about it. So sexy and fits perfectly on your body....it also comes with panties so way cool. And mesh mesh everywhere, feather earrings, hair and boots. Oh also -UtopiaH! Released this really neat piercing for the GSP! (Grunge Soul Project) Only $L89!!!! It comes with the option to have shadows or not and is mod so you can fix according to your face.

So that being said Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !R - Juicy ~ Tan

Tattoo - UtopiaH  - Ecdysis Tattoo

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Matte Lick Lips - Pink Love New!!!

Corset - <The Abyss> F_Gear//Pruiency_Corset[Black]

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly Ring - Pink

Eyes - .ID. - Gem /  Dark / Pink 

Piercing -UtopiaH-  Bound Piercing W/S GSP Only!!!!!

Skirt - [Cynful] - Chrizzpy Mini - Black

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - black

Earrings - [MANDALA] -  Leather Feather Mesh Earrings - Pink

Hair - Slink - Nicolette Hair - Obsidian Hair Fair Only!!

Wings - ::{Favole}:: - Temptation

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hair Fair & Quarentine

Good evening everyone. Such a weird and cool afternoon I had. Was out and about in RL when a fun looking Haboob (dust storm) rolls over us making us stop on the freeway waiting for it to pass. IKR Crazy!!! 

Anyways on to the fashion right? A cute sexy hair from LOGO at the hair fair. This super tight mesh Corset from Quarantine at the Zombie Popcorn Brand Event. Way cute it really gives you that hour glass shape. Also I have had these boots for like forever and never had a outfit to wear them with until now. Such tall sexy boots, non mesh but still super sexy. Enjoy and Shop On!!

Skin - !Rehab - Juicy - Tan

Lip Stick - ::Pink Acid:: - Deep Kiss Lip Gloss Only - Cherry Red

Eye Liner - Flirt - Smeared Liner 1 & Two Timing Liner - 1

Corset - Quarantine - Temptress Mesh Corset - Manor - Red New @ ZombiePopcorn Brand

Skirt - [Cynful] - ChrizzpyMini - Black

Pasties - >>ROOTS<< - 00S10022.02

Tattoo - .::Delutions::. - A Beautiful Mess

Eyes - .ID. Jubilant Eyes / Stumblebum / Darkest

Rings - [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Sub Rosa Ring

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves (floral)

Boots - .:Ducknipple:. - SLX Outfit: MotorGrrl 

Hair - LOGO - Lyla (m) Night New @ hair Fair!!

New @ DK & SU!

Hello Darlings, I'm back for another great look for everyone. I haven't heard from Deviant Kitties in forever and they have 2 hair styles out at the hair fair.Also the DK hair's are in the Ploom booth. Took me a whole hour to figure that out hahaha. I love love love this hair it's super cool and super sexy and its MESH. I also like this cause I am a black and blonde hair girl and i couldn't decide to get black or blonde. But they have a pack called Indecisive and it comes with 2 blonde, 2 browns, 2 red's and 2 mono color all on a HUD. Also new this past week is this awesome Mesh top from -SU! I love how it perfectly flows down the side of the body. Enjoy and Shop On! More to come later :D

Skin - !Rehab - Juicy - Tan

Make Up #1 - Flirt - Rawr (group gift)

Make Up #2 - ::Pink Acid:: - Tropical Barbee Lipstick New!!!

Hair - .DK. - NeoPunk - Indecisive New Hair Fair!!!

Belt - ~Pepper~ Bullet Belt

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots-Black

Tattoo - [Reckless] - Time is precious

Piercing - [ni:ju] - Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly Ring - Red

Earrings - [MANDALA] - Leather Feather Earring - Red

Eyes - .ID. Creature of the Night v2/Blind

Top - SU! - Lucky Girl Tank top - Red New Mesh!!!

Pants - [Cynful] - Eve Britches Capri - Black

Friday, July 20, 2012

.Fashion Voodoo.

Hello again my dear's....2 post's in one day wow must be my lucky day right? Anyways some good news for those of you that don't know already. I have been accepted as being a blogger for the Fashion Voodoo! Woo Hoo! Super exciting I haven't done anything big like this since the WCF. I'm so excited and I cant wait.

The Fashion Voodoo starts on August 10th and lasts for 3 whole weeks. Over 100 labels will on the Fashion Voodoo sim, a simwide fashion fair! How great is that right?

Here are just some of the Designers:


Duck Nipple

Holli Pocket


Alter Ego


Raw House 


Mystic Canvass Skins


 I mean the list goes on and on and on!

To read more info on the Fashion Voodoo Fair go to http://depravednation.com/fashion-voodoo

Hair Fair

Hello my beautiful readers. Happy Friday! I have to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the shooting in CO that happen last night at a Batman movie!

As many of you already know that the Hair Fair is well under way. I haven't been able to go crazy like I was able to last year but I did grab some great hair styles. The Hair Fair is on 4 sims with so many awesome designers. Remember when going to big event like this we all know there is going to be some kinda lag. So please try to help everyone out and not wear things that are not to scripted. On to the outfit right?

Slink release this sexy short sexy hair that I just fell in love with. Also this very cute MESH top from Chole. Some beautiful pink eyes and Mesh feather earrings from Mandala. More post later for more hair from the Hair Fair.

Skin - !Rehab - Juicy - Tan

Eyes - .ID. - Gem /  Dark / Pink 

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - Pink

Earrings - [MANDALA] -  Leather Feather Mesh Earrings - Pink

Top - [Chloe] - Top Mesh Gisele Pink New!!!

Pants - [Cynful] - Orange Bottoms - White

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Snake Bites

Boots - NINEtyNINE_High_Sneaker_Pink

Make Up - ::Pink Acid:: - Skittles Lip Gloss-Pink New!!!

Tattoo - Utopia - Be Mine! Tattoo

Hair - Slink - Nicolette - Obsidian New!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Voice!!

Alot of you already know about the One Voice Event going on right now. But for those who dont.

One Voice

Curio's Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala's fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight these baseless claims.

The fundraiser will be held from July 9-15, with a blogger preview on July 8th.
Some participants include Flowey, BareRose, Black Lace, Belleza, Ingenue, Laq, Luck Inc, One Bad Pixel, Gos, Truth, Bent, Fawn, Cupcake, evolve, Glam Affair, ely, Lassitude & Ennui, Zanzibar, Adorkable, Ikon, League and many more.

This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it's necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn't.

Please contact Sophia Harlow or OMGWTF Barbecue if you'd like to participate as a content creator or blogger, and join the inworld group One Voice for updates and the LM when we open!
More info here: curioonline.org/2012/07/05/curio-news-release/

It's pretty sad when a copybot can come in to your store, copy your items, sell them, and then file a case against you in court based on copyright infringement... and it could happen to ANYONE. I support this cause, and I hope you will too.

For the time being I have only just 1 item and its the hair in this post. But I intend to go back and support this more and more.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - !Rehab - Juicy - Tan

Eyes - .ID. - Gem /  Dark Pink / 

Ring's - >>SEXY<<  - Butterfly Ring - Pink

Earring's -  [EY:NO] - Color Bead Earring (silver)

Bracelets - [EY:NO] - mess bangles (silver)

Dress - *Tentacio* - Summer Dress Pink

Leggings - Anti-Social - Kawaii Legging's - Light Pink

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ - Teeloh Mesh Hair - Vanilla Pudding One Voice!!

Hair Base - DeeTaleZ - Hair Shaved tattoo flowery

Shoes - Apple May Design - Tea Time - Pale Purple

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Pink Garden of my body tattoo

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hey Ya all! I had the great honer of being in a close friend's blog....Fatally Stylish by Jaded. Thank you so much darlin for letting me be in your blog. Cant wait to work with you in the future.

If you wanna see what we are wearing just click the link to her site. Pictures taken and done by Jaded.

Click below!!!