Sunday, July 29, 2012

Al Vulo & Frosting!!!

Hello my fellow shopping addicts. It's a shape and skin post!!!! I recently got handed some awesome awesome shapes from a new and up coming store called Frosting! The shapes can vary to all different kind's of sizes all the shapes are modifiable and copy. Big thanks to Cupcake Godric for handing me these awesome shapes.No matter what skin you put on these shapes it will look awesome.

Speaking of skin's....boy do I have some great Al Vulo skin's to show you all. Lovely lovely skin's. I hadn't been to Al Vulo in a long time and I finally made it over and I about died on and gone to heaven. Was going nuts with all these new skins out. 

5 great skin's paired with 5 great shapes!! What more can you ask for right?!? The following shot are whole body shot's and a nice close up of the face so you can really see the detail of the skin and how the shape really works well with the skin's

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin's - [Al Vulo] - (left to right):

Polly 2 Natural - Chocolate
Baba 2 Coquette - Caramel
Matilde - Red - 1 fairy
Debbie - Natural 2 cleavage - Cream
Giulia - Cateyes - cleavage-Tan

Shapes - Frosting - (left to right)


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