Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vacation Time!!!

So I am on vacation until Thursday. See you all again until then. Be safe have fun and Shop On!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Always a Demon!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Just a heads up next Monday I will be taking my RL family to Disneyland and will be gone for a week.

So a new round at the boobies show is up and running and I had a chance to walk around to take a look at all the fashion and OMG I want to buy everything on the walls. I did manage to grab this amazing skirt and top from  American Bazaar. The skirt first says long and sexy and than you turn around and HOLY ASS! It's hella sexy. The top is semi see thru and are for those wonderful boobies you all have. Short and sweet I hope to maybe blog one more look before I am gone. Oh one more thing are my awesomely awesome heels from REDGRAVE. These shoes are awesome it comes with a hud with ALL colors. I will say though that these shoes are a bit of a pain in the ass to match the skin color and to resize to your legs. But well worth it in the end right?!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva - Honey

Eyes - .ID. - Creature of the Night v2/Blind

Tattoo - ::Para Designs:: - Dirty Mehndi Tattoo - v2 @ 100 Block

Make Up - UtopiaH - Always Hiding Make-Up- run version

Piercing - :HV: - Alice [Ink]

Collar - Simplecandy - Mesh Massacre Collar @ 100 Block

Horns - Simplecandy - Mesh Massacre Horns @ 100 Block

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - Black

Rings - RO - Duality - black

Heels - REDGRAVE - Helena

Top - [AB] - Bandana Top Black @ The Boobies Show

Skirt - [AB] - Mesh Booba Skirt Latex @ The Boobies Show

Hair - Magika - Awake [03]

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Demon in Me!!!

Hello my little shopping addict's.  I got a nice dark look for everyone today. First up we have a sexy sexy skin from  Mystic Canvass. It's dark and perfect for this look, the make up on the face is so awesome. Next we have that amazing tattoo from Para Designs. This is the second version they made with no tattoos on the belly but kinda hard to not see it when a dress covering it right? Hahaha Next we have that awesome cleavage piercing from HV. I actually went to their main store and bought more piercings from them...AMAZING!! Than we have the amazing dress from American Bazaar, boobie friendly! Lastly we have the Amazing collar and horns from Simplecandy. Very dark! So Me! Love It! Last thing I wanted to talk about is the tail from Lemon Tea, this tail was over at the Fantasy Faire but now is available at the main store. This is the most awesome tail ever, it has a HUD to change the color of it. A menu to change the way the tail moves and how fast it can move. Oh Yes and I want to let you in on a brand new hair over at Analog Dog, this hair is super hot and sexy I so Love the long flowing locks.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - [MC] - Clemme Skin - Smolder @ 100 Block!!

Tattoo - ::Para Designs:: - Dirty Mehndi - v2 @ 100 Block!!

Eyes - .ID. - Creature of the Night v2/blind

Hair - AD - .b - honey - black New!!!!

Rings - UtopiaH - Mess Rings in Silver

Face Piercing - .HW. - PC//3 @ 100 Block!!

Cleavage Piercing - :HV: - Anatomy - Cleavage @ 100 Block!!

Collar - Simplecandy - Massacre Collar @ 100 Block!!

Horns - Simplecandy - Massacre Horns @ 100 Block!!

Nails - [S H O C K] - Scratch Nails - Almond Series New!!!

Tail - {Lemon Tea} - Drakodaimonen Tail

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - black

Dress - [AB] - Mesh Hottie Dress - black @ 100 Block!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

100 Block #5: The Beach

Happy Monday Everyone! Has everyone had a chance to go to the 100 Block now that it is open?
Amazing stuff right? Let's talk about this amazing post. First up we have this awesome fringe outfit from dollie. Comes in 3 other solid colors as well as 4 other blended colors. Next we have this oh so amazing tattoo from Para Designs this tattoo is so frackin sexy I Love it. Comes in all layers and different tones, they also made another version of this tattoo with no belly work on it. Either way it's a fantastic tattoo. Next we have this cool boobie piercing from the Hebenon Vial. It was made for the lola boobies but I modified it so they could fit with my regular boobies. They are soooo colorful!!!!!!

Lastly I want to point out some frackin AMAZING nails from SHOCK. These are new are available at the main store! Love the nail shape, colors. I'm ready to scratch some bishes out hahahaha!

Enjoy and Shop on!!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva Skin - Peach @ 100 Block!!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Soulful v2 - Rose

Eye Liner - >RedBird< - Neon Liners - Pink Store Closed

Lip Gloss - ..::Pink Acid::.. - Sticky Bun Lip Gloss - Pink

Nails - [ S H  O C  K ] - Scratch nails - Almond Series New!!!

Hair - ::Exile:: - She's So Mean - Vanilla

Rings - MG - Tiger Lily Flower Ring

Heels - N-Core - DELICIOUS - White

Tattoo - ::Para Designs:: - Dirty Mehndi - light @ 100 Block!!!!

Piercing 1 - .HW. - PC//1 @ 100 Block!!!!

Piercing 2 - :HV: - Cleavage - Coloris @ 100 Block!!!!

Outfit - {dollie*} - 043 Fringe Trim Outfit - White @ 100 Block!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

100 Block look #4: Blue Lace

Happy Friday Everyone! It's almost mother's day, have you gotten anything for your mother? Well maybe this can give you some ideas of what you can get her. The 100 Block Opens soon and I got a chance to look at the sim before all the lag and this place is amazing. There are sooooo many flippin designers all jam packed into one sim. On to the fashion right?

First up we have this amazing corset from Scrub, I LOVE everything about this corset and all the fine detail that went into making it. Next we have this sexy body suit from Rack City, love the lace and blue so pretty. Than we have a sexy skirt from Happy Undead, this skirt has so many sizes to pick from and has many other colors as well as a HUD to change the texture of the skirt. Awesome right? Next we have these amazing earrings and necklace from me. This also comes with a headband and comes in black, bronze, gold and silver colors. Also we have a piercing from Hollyweird, nails from SHOCK and the skin from Modish.

Also I have been dying to blog this tattoo from UtopiaH ever since they came out with a applier for it.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva - Peach Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Ecdysis

Eye shadow - ::Pink Acid:: - Dark Angel Eye shadow - black

Eyes - .ID. - City light - blue

Liner & Lipstick - Flirt - Fuck Me Red

Hair - >Truth< - Sassy 2 - night

Rings - RO - Duality

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh jazz Boots - black

Corset - ...::: Scrub :::... - Do You have the time? Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Piercing - .HW. - PC//3 Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Nails - [S H  O C K] - R.O.C.K Nails Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Skirt - Happy Undead - Mini Skirt Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Earrings - {me.} - Amour Earrings - black Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Necklace - {me.} - Amour Necklace - black Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Bodysuit - ::Rack City:: - Hush bodysuit - blue Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

100 Block Look #3: The Butterfly

Happy Hump Day! The week is almost over! So the 100 Block is gonna start pretty soon and I am just flooded with items to blog about. First up we have another amazing Piercing from HollyWeird. Next we have this amazing tank from Forever Young. Love the prints on these top's, love love the butterfly. Next we have this sexy sexy short skirt from [trs]. Next we have another amazing tattoo from ZENTRO and once again we have the boots from DuckNipple and nails from SHOCK. The skin Iva is from Modish, I am in LOVE with this skin. The make up on the face is perfect and the color for each skin is to die for, a must get when you go to the event. One other thing is this amazing hair from Action, I bought this hair a long time ago when it first came out and the colors for this look fit so perfect for this outfit.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!


Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva - Caramel Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Eyes - .ID. - Glimmer Contacts - Olive

Eye shadow - .:Pink Acid:. - Superstar Eye Makeup - Smokey Black

Hair - Action - Debra - Naturals

Tattoo - [ZENTRO] - Dragon Tattoo Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Piercing - .HW. - PC//3 Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Nails - [S H O C K] - R.O.C.K Nails Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves - floral

Rings - >>SEXY<< - Butterfly Rings - Green

Boots - DuckNipple - Natas Boots - Skulls Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Top - :FY: Graphic Tank - butterfly Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Skirt - [trs] - Ultra Mini *Mesh* - Camo Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

100 Block look #2: The Veil

Happy Tuesday everyone! Been going thru all of the amazing items and I seriously dont know where to start sometimes. Let's start off with the pants and top from AngelRED. So cute and comes in many many other colors. Then we have these awesomely cute boots from DuckNipple, these have 6 different styles. Next we have yet again some amazing nails from S h o c k, comes with a hud to change the color and resize. The tattoo comes from ZENTRO, wicked tattoo love it. Amazingly awesome piercing from HollyWeird and lastly we have a Modish skin that will be available at the event as well.

Next we have a few items from other event's such as the wonderful hair from Exile that is over at the FaMESHed event. I'm pretty sure everyone already has this hair and is in love with it just like I am. Next thanks to a wonderful post by Jaded I was able to find this perfect veil from Half-Deer, it fits perfectly for this hair. This is over at a event called "The Box".

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva Skin - Honey Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Lipstick - ::Modish:: - Iva  Lipstick set c-10 Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Eyeliner - .:Pink Acid:. - Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner

Hair - Exile:: - Fire to the Rain - Fusion 2 @ FaMESHed!!

Eyes - .ID. - Soulful v2 Colors - Rose

Veil - +Half-Deer+ - Veil of Thorns - black @ The Box

Piercing - .HW. - PC//1 -unisex piercing- Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Nails - [S H O C K] - Fluid Nails XXL Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Tattoo - ZENTRO - Skull Tattoo Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Boots - DuckNipple - Natas Boots - Skulls Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Top - AngelRED - Rihanna Top - Berry Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Jeans - AngelRED - Kacy Jeans - Dark Wash Coming Soon @ 100 Block!!!

Belt - ~Pepper~ - Hip Belt - black

Sunday, May 5, 2013

100 Block look #1: The Nurse

Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone!!!

We have so many great new items all put together in one awesome post! First up you all know the 100 Block is coming up pretty soon and all the blogger reviews are starting to come in and I can tell you this event is going to be awesome. I'll do another post with more info for the 100 Block.

But lets talk about the great items, first from the 100 block we have this amazing Dress from GOLA. Comes in 4 amazing colors. Next we have some awesome nail from the oh so amazing SHOCK. Comes with a hud to resize the nails and to change the color. Lastly from the 100 block we have this sexy top from Mes Sucreries. Comes in many other colors and fits perfect for the boobies or not.

Next new thing is from UtopiaH there new make up is over at the Perfect Wardrobe Event! As well as all the poses in this post from Pose Maniacs.

Then we have a New skin from Modish which is over at the SYS Project! Perfect face and perfect amount of make up. Then we have this oh for flippin amazing Nurses Mask from Razor. This mask is amazing it is so detailed and has a hud to change to many many other colors or designs. Lastly we have some brand new Elysium wings from Remarkable Oblivion comes in 2 versions Legion and Predator, these are over at the Fashion Week Event. One last thing before I let you look at the pictures is this great hair from Analog Dog. Perfect hair do for anyone that wants to show off those earrings.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Yana - Cappucio @ SYS Project

Make Up - UtopiaH - Always Hiding Make-Up - Run Version @ Perfect Wardrobe

Tattoo - .::Delusions::. - Sleeze Tattoo - Evils Asylum

Eyes - .ID. - Creature of the Night v2/Blind

Hair - Analog Dog - .b-fix -black

Nails - [S H O C K ] - R.O.C.K Nails XXL Coming soon @ 100 Block!!!

Mask - Razor - /// Surgical Nurse Mask New!!!

Rings - RO - Duality - black

Wings - RO - Elysium - Legion @ SL Fashion Week!!

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh jazz Boots - black

Top - .Mes Sucreries.  Cricket Top - Raven Coming soon @ 100 Block!!!

Skirt - ~G O L A Industry~ - Legs Block - Purple  Coming soon @ 100 Block!!!