Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chepi @ Pink Acid!!!

Happy Saturday my darlings. Slacking on the blogging I know but hey here I am right? Couple things we got to talk about. The skin is from Pink Acid and is going to be at the Wild West Fair as well as the septum. The hair is from Little Bones and is at the N.21 event along with another hair style. Oh and also they now boobie friendly so big Woo! The cute little whipped cream ring is also from Pink Acid and is at the District Event. The very sexy top is from Moon, comes in many other colors. Lots of stuff I will let the credits talk about them all.

Enjoy and Shop on!!!

Skin - Pink Acid - Chepi - Peach Coming Soon to Wild West Fair!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Thunder eyes - Sky

Eye liner - Pink Acid - Roxanne Eyeliner

Tattoo - DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo

Head Tattoo - Nox. - Others Tattoo - white

Hair - little bones. - Stardust @ N.21!!!!

Feather - +Spellbound+ - Warrior hair

Septum - Pink Acid - Native American tribal Septum ring - Turquoise Coming Soon to Wild West Fair!!!

Ring - Pink Acid - Whipped Ice Cream ring - Blueberry Swirl - Rare @ The District!!!

Belly Chain - POMPOSITY - Gothic Belly Chain - Plain

Feet Jewelry - Pure Poison - Peacock Feet Jewelry

Top - Moon}. - Wild Spirit Tank - Twine

Pants - Alter Ego - legacy denims - ombre gold dark blue wash

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hair and Shoes!!!

As I promised I have some really amazing hair and some killer heels to go with them. Links will be at bottom of post. First we have 2 amazing hairs from exile, one is at Collabor88 and the other was a gift from store if you didnt get it or want it just subscribe to their updates and view past NC's and pick the one that talks about Hair Fairs at main store. Next we have this sexy amazing hair from Moon over at the Kustom9 event that opened today. And lastly we have 3 amazing hairs from little bones, first two hairs are at the chapter four event and the last one is at Kustom9 event. The top is from Deadwool this is also at Collabor88.

Now the shoes are all from reign, I know I am addicted to reign shoes, can ya blame me? The First shoe was at the recent Limited Project hosted by depraved nations, not sure if there are more shoes at main store. Second shoe is at District 5 event also hosted by depraved nation. Last shoe is over at Kustom9 event, comes with a hud to change color of middle strap.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Left to right:

exile - Letters & Lipstick, exile - after the rain sparkle, Moon - OMEN, Little bones - Two Weeks - 1, little bones - Two Weeks - 2, little bones - Garden Head

TP to Kustom9

TP to Collabor88

TP to Chapter Four

TP to District 5

TP to Exile

Moon Goddess!

Happy Friday everyone! So today Kustom9 opened today and I really wanted to talk about the hair from moon but the way my look was going that hair was not working out so I am just going to talk about another moon hair. This hair was over at the Secret Affair, I was unable to demo this hair before of all the lag and nothing was attaching so I just bought it anyways but when I tried it on, I did not realize I had such a huge forehead. Well this past Fantasy gacha I was able to trade and get the Black Crown from Enfant Terrible as well as the very epic rare black staff. Love all the butterflies, I am big on butterflies so major props to the creators. Also from the fantasy gacha is the gown from May's Soul, was sexy it also comes with a blue belt if you wanted to wear that with the dress. The eyes are brand new from Suicidal Unborn and the skin is from Glam Affair for the 50L Friday event, so go run and grab not 1 but 2 skins for 50L!!! I know you can't see my shoes so following this post shortly I am going to do a shoe and hair post. Big thank you to Stasey Oller for helping me with that perfect eyeliner for this look. Also the nail polish is from SHOCK and can be found at The District event at Depraved Nation sim's.

Oh and thank you Akemi for helping me find that right hair. <3

Enjoy and Shop on!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Kallisto - Cocktail girl - Asia FLF @ Main Store!!!

Eyes - SU! - Alexa Eyes - Violet New!!!!

Eyeliner - Pink Acid - Supreme Eyeliner - Roxanna

Nail Polish - [ S H O C K ] - Slink Dark Beat Nails @ The District!!!!

Hair - MOON {Hair} - Wight Birth - naturals 1

Crown - .Enfant Terrible. - Moonchild crown - black - rare Fantasy Gacha!!!!

Staff - .Enfant Terrible. - Moonchild Staff - black - ultra rare @ Fantasy Gacha!!!

Bracers - . a i s l i n g . - Faranth Bracers - black

Necklace - .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor Necklace - black

Claws - .random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claw - Black

Dress - *May's Soul* - Mei Mei Dress - purple Fantasy Gacha!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Pirate's Life!!!

Happy Monday everyone! All I want to do is curl into a ball on the couch and watch some netflix, stupid cold. But for now I am going to do this lovely post for ya. First up we have the pirate outfit from Alchemy  over at the Fantasy Gacha. I am soooo happy that I got the rare black on the first try! *.* Next we have two items from The Black Fair, Utopiah has released some really awesome make ups for it. I wanted to kinda show the eyeshadow for it so I took another picture without the eye patch. And lastly from Pink Acid we have this super awesome skin and I am not just saying this because the name of the skin is called Glory. Love Love Love it! Now There is also some darkish lip glosses that are up for grabs as well. Oh and I almost forgot that hair is from littlebones and is in a gacha over at The Chapter Four Event.

Enjoy and Shop On!

Skin - Pink Acid -Glory Skin - Peach @ The Black Fair!!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Shattered - Blind

Eye Shadow & Lipstick - UtopiaH - Seether Make up - blood The Black Fair!!!!

Neck Tattoo - DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo

Hair - little bones. - Two Weeks - No.3 @ The Chapter Four!!!!

Claws -.random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claws - black

Outfit - Alchemy - Captain Wench - black - Rare @ Fantasy Gacha!!!

Heels - *Reign. - MONARCH Heels - black

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pink Acid & Remarkable Oblivion!!!

Hello everyone! Got some more goodies from all the events. First couple things from The Black Fair, we have this really cute sexy top from Alter Ego. Next from Pink Acid we have these cute clutch purses, comes in other colors. Next from the Collabor88 we have this really cute pin up hair from Lamb. And then we have these amazing heels from Remarkable Oblivion, these shoes are made for slink med feet. And from the Fantasy Gacha we have two items one from Whatever called flower bini and a nose chain from Enfant Terrible.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Artemis - Jamaica - 05 Collabor88!!!

Eyes - {D.A} - Thunder Eyes - Undead

Eye Shadow - ::Modish:: - Nica Vogue - red @ The Black Fair!!!

Lipstick - Glam Affair - Prezioso - 22

Lip Stripe - :[P]: - Lip Stripe in Izrahli skin

Hair - Lamb. - Pandora - Dark Blonde Pack @ Collabor88!!!

Nose Chain - .Enfant Terrible. - Moonchild nosechain - black @ Fantasy Gacha!!!

Bindi - [Whatever] - Flower Bindi Fantasy Gacha!!!

Clutch - Pink Acid - On The Record - grayed The Black Fair!!!

Top - Alterego - Tummy tanks v2 - pixeldrip The Black Fair!!!

Belt - Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - burnt

Pants - DeeTaleZ - Tasty Butt Jeans -black

Shoes - RO - Phalanx Wedges - black Collabor88!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Roman Girl!!!

Well these past two days have been filled with nothing but shop shop shopping! Three big events opened up pretty much around the same time. We have the Black Fair, Collabor88 birthday bash and Fantasy Gacha! My wallet is very empty hahaha. Let's start off with the very awesome tattoo from Pervette love love such a pretty tattoo for the legs, hands and feet, I would have worn the cute azz but the dress would not allow me. Next from the black fair is the shoes from reign and the eyeshadow from modish.Speaking of the dress this was over at 88 and it is from Zenith, way cute very slimming can change color of leather and scarf. Next we have the very cute hair from Magika this hair has additional hair piece that goes over the forehead. Next we have a piercing from MONS. And last but not least we have Glam Affair skin called Artemis. From the fantasy gacha we have one item from Keystone a very pretty jewelry piece onyx with is a common.

Now the items in the back ground are from ionic and these can be found over at the Chapter Four event. Pretty much got everything except the chair and yes I got the way cute rare bed. It has some really cute poses for single and couples.

Enjoy and Shop on!!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Artemis - Jamaica 05 @ Collabor88!!

Eyes - SU! - Scarlet Eyes - silver

Eye shadow - ::Modish:: - Nica-EyeVogue - ash @ The Black Fair!!!

Hair - Magika - Harmony - 01  Collabor88!!

Piercing - MONS - Septum Ring - black  Collabor88!!

Circlet - [Keystone] - Mirade'el - Onyx @ Fantasy Gacha!!!

Dress - =Zenith= - Grey - Athena Mini Dress  Collabor88!!

Heels - REIGN - Magnetic Pumps - black @ The Black Fair!!!

Tattoo *PerveTTee* - Dark Frame The Black Fair!!!

Hand Tattoo - *PerveTTee* - Infinity The Black Fair!!!

Items - *ionic* - Day dream set @ Chapter Four!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pirate Girl!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! Got a few new exciting things that are coming up in the next couple of days or some things that are already open. First up we have the hair from littlebones over at the Fnatasy Gacha Event. They have a hair for female and male, comes with a hud to change colors of scarf, metals and jewels on it. Good luck to anyone trying for their favorite colors. Next we have a couple of items over at the Big Show! The way cute heels are from reign and the sexy outfit is from lolita. Next we have some way sexy eyeshadow from Pink Acid over at Fi*Friday event. I got another way awesome outfit I am working on now with the help of my Stasey. :)

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Pink Acid - Annette - latte

Eye shadow - Pink Acid - Magic Eye shadow - Red Carpet Bronze @ Fi*Friday!!!

Hair - little bones. - Pirate - Captain Coming Soon to Fantasy Gacha!!!

Underboob Tattoo - .Identity. Body Shop - Flowerbomb

Back Tattoo - Infected - Moon Tattoo

Earring - .Shi - Mermaid Earring Old Group Gift

Heels - REIGN - Scandal Heels - black @ The Big Show!!!

Body Suit - Lolita - Playmate bodysuit - black @ The Big Show!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Thunder - Jungle

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Princess of Furya

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! Been so happy these last couple of days, my children in RL will be starting school soon my little munchkin will be in kindergarten! *Cries*

Anyways I have a super sexy look today that I have been rocking for my RP. First up we have the dress is from Whatever, love the sleek design and how it shows off the leg, super sexy one thing I did not like was that there was no demo, I took a chance in buying this dress without trying on a demo. I can say it made for slim slender girls no big booty bitches to wear this dress. Next we have this way super sexy hair from Spellbound, I love this hair it is so pretty the long locks with curls swept to the front. It has the attached head jewelry with hud to change to many other colors. There is another version of this hair with some really cute bangs, so it gives you no bangs and bangs in the pack. Next we have the earring from randommatter love love, I have to go and buy me some mesh Mandala ears because the earrings would not fit right on my normal ears but I gotta say I love these ears. The neck tattoo is from DAPPA it has no appliers for this tattoo so cant wear it with ya boobies, sad face. The hand tattoo is from Idenity Body Shop, now this tattoo of theirs was at a event but I can not for the life of me remember which one. When I do I will come and update it and post a link down in the credits. The eyes are from Suicidal Unborn. Lots of goodies oldies and new stuff. Big thanks to Shirah and Kaster for letting me borrow your thrones. Oh and the shoes are from Reign over at N-Twenty1.

Enjoy and Shop on!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Cassia - Pink Rose - America

Eye Liner - Glam Affair - Romy Eyes makeup 01

Lip Stick - Glam Affair - Romy Lipstick - Goddess 09

Neck Tattoo - DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo

Eyes - SU! - Scarlet Eyes - Silver&Violet

Hair - +Spellbound+ - Jezebel - blondes New!!!

Armor - *May's Soul* - Muse Armour - Black

Lower Leg Jewelry - . a i s l i n g . - Farranth - black

Earrings - .random.Matter. - Abaddon earrings - black

Finger Claw - .random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claw - black

Piercings - :Diamante: - Serenade Facial Piercing

Heels - REIGN. - Sabeth Heels - black @ Twenty1!!!

Ears - [MANDALA] - Simple ears

Dress - [whatever] - JL Dress - black New!!!