Friday, October 25, 2013

Newness @ Mystic Canvass!!!

Hello again my shopping addicts. Have I got the most amazing skin ever. Lara from Mystic Canvass has made this wonderful amazing skin. Love the make up on this face. So super awesome for the up coming Halloween. This skin is available at the main store and the Marketplace. Also whispers quietly really wish I had appliers for the slink hands. :)

Next we have this way adorable ballerina dress from Faster Pussycat Designer you can find this dress over at the Horrorfest! Lastly I was able to find some cute ballet shoes on the MP from Etoile.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin -[MC] - Halloween RubicsZomb New!!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Shattered - Blind

Hair - AD - bayou - blacks New!!!!

Back Corset - ::TGIS:: - Corset Piercing - black

Leg Piercing - dl:: - Leg Bow Piercing - black

Necklace - MG - Necklace - Shadow Cross

Hands - Slink - Casual

Dress - FP - Varla Ballerina - black @ Horrorfest!!!

Ballet Shoes - ::*Etoile*:: - Ballet Shoes - Black

Tattoo Hands - .Reckless. - Skeletal Hands @ Spooktacular!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Newness @ Analog Dog!!!

Hello my little shopping addicts! Got a sexy little number right now. First I wanna talk about this amazing hair from Analog Dog! I mean this hair has no words other then amazing, hot, sexy. It's like a big ball of cotton candy on my head. A super must have for anyone that is a AD fan and anyone that wants to be a AD fan. Next a few things from the Cosmetic Fair, we have some lipstick and eyeshadow from Glam Affair. As well as some eyeliner from Pekka. Next we have a sexy top and VERY sexy panties from Le Forme. And lastly we have some brand new heels from N-core, they are called shae and come in 16 different colors.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva Skin - Europa @ Custom9!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Sinistre Eyes - Pink Edition - Blossom

Eyeshadow - Glam Affair - Elit Eye make up - 12 @ Cosmetic Fair!!

Lip Stick - Glam Affair - Elit Lip stick - 5 Cosmetic Fair!!

Eyeliner - .Pekka. - Metallic - underliner ver2 - Black Cosmetic Fair!!

Hair - AD - .b bayou - light blondes New!!!

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Sadness Flies Away

Face Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bites - Pink

Back Piercing - <- Puncture -> - Dermal Spike Implants

Beauty Mark - Pink Acid - Marilyn Beauty Dot

Top - [LF] - Yummi Top - Snow New!!!

Panties - [LF] - High Waist Panties - White

Heels - N-core - Shae  New!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day everyone! I should stop saying sorry for not blogging and just blog right? :) Anyways I have a killer outfit for you today. First up this amazing hair from Truth comes in 2 versions. One with volume and one with less volume, Super sexy. Next we have a cute top from Le Forme over at The New Silicone event! Next we have a very awesome tattoo from Letis this tattoo is amazing it goes all the way down to your hands, and legs. Appliers for boobs, azz and slink hands. This can be found over at the new Perfect Wardrobe event. Next we have some new make up over at the Cosmetic Fair, a lipstick from Glam Affair and some very sexy eyeliner from Pekka. Anyone that is a fan of Shi will love to know that they are reselling their Mermaid Earrings at the main store. Lastly we have a couple of things from the Body Expo. Firstly we have the sunglasses from Chilie, you can change the colors of frames, lens even tint the lens. Also from the Expo we have geek they have come up with these amazing gauge things for your head. YOU CAN SEE MY TEETH! Hope I didnt rant to much. :)

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva- Europa  @ Custom9!!!

Eyes - {D.A.} - Thunder Eyes - Sky

Eyeliner - .Pekka. - Metallic - light blue @ Cosmetic Fair!!!

Lipstick - Glam Affair -Elit Lipstick - 5 @ Cosmetic Fair!!!

Tattoo - Letis Tattoo -  :: Hannya :: - MM13021 @ Perfect Wardrobe!!!

Hair - Truth - Harley New!!!

Hole in Head - [geek.] - Holy Hole in meh head - black @ Body Expo!!!

Sunglasses - Chilie - Douglas sunglasses Body Expo!!!

Earrings - .Shi - Mermaid Earring

Back Piercing - <- Puncture -> - Dermal Spike Implants - Spine

Belly Piercing - UtopiaH - Pierced Belly - Silver

Top - [LF] - Yummi Top - Ocean @ Silicone!!!

Pants - [Cynful] + lil'lace - Bell Bottom Ombre

Heels - N-core - Venus

Hands - Slink - Casual

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cabaret Girl

Happy Saturday everyone. I had made my way over to the Cosmetic Fair and found so many great make ups. One thing I did find was this amazing skull make up from a.emeth. Love the detail on the skull, the cracks, and skull. I also found a very sey top from Le Forme over at the Silicone event. Comes in  many other colors boobie appliers and azz appliers.
Also have on a new skin from Glam Affair over at the kustom9 event! I was on MP the other day just browsing Halloween outfits and I came across a smexy outfit from the wonderful move of Mary Poppins. Love the whole look in general but I fell in love with the corset and dress.

And Lastly we have some brand new Heels from N-core! Dont forget big sale over at N-core so get your butts down and go shoe crazy!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva - Europa @ Kustom9!!!

Eyes - [ a.e.meth ] - What Lies Beneth - black eyes @ Cosmetic Fair!!!

Skull make up - [ a.e.meth ] - What lies Beneath - Teeth, eye and skull Cosmetic Fair!!!

Top - [LF] - Sweet Desire Lingerie - White @ Silicone Event!!!

Panties - .Mes Sucreies. - Lovely Lingerie - White

Corset and Skirt - Les Adventures  Mary poppins

Heels - N-core - Shae New!!!

Hands - Slink - Casual

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spine Tingling

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry I have been blogging much. I think I have been working more then I have been blogging but that should change now soon I hope. Have a few new items to talk about. First we have a couple of items that are over at the Body Modification Expo. We have the eyes and face piercing from !SU and then we have the back tattoo, earrings, and eyeliner from Plastik.

Next Item is from the Collabor88 event. We have this amazing body cuff from .Shi, comes in a few other colors. Two sizes to pick from and even comes with a hud to change the color of the metals. Next we have a brand new skin from Glam over at the Kustom9 weekly event. Sexy tone as well as some very sexy make ups for the skin.

Found me an awesome Dermal spike implants from Puncture that fit so well with the body cuff. Also some brand new leg tattoos from UtopiaH. And some tattoo's for my hands from Reckless over at the Spectacular Event. Lastly I found these amazing heels from Diktator, love the spine heels. The hud is a bit challenging and I had a hard time trying to match my skin. But over all great shoes. TY Logan and Brooklyn. Oh and we have a brand spankin new hair from Truth!

Enjoy and Shop On!!! 

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva Skin - Europa 02 F @ Kustom 9

Eyes - SU! - Noa Eyes - Black @ Body Expo!!

Piercing - SU! - Alena Facial Piercing - Metal @ Body Expo!!

Earrings - :[P]: - BME-Jewelry Set - Bauble Ver.2 - Long @ Body Expo!!

Tattoo - :[P]: - Stradivarius @ Body Expo!!

Eye Shadow - :[P]: - Foxxe Make ups- Silver @ Body Expo!!

Hair - Truth - Vida - black and whites New!!!

Hands - Slink - Casual

Spine Piercing - <- Puncture -> - Dermal Spike Implants - Anodized

Leg Tattoo - UtopiaH - Christian tights New!!!

Top - .Shi - : TSADE / Body Cuff - black.Size 1 @ Collabor88!!

Skirt - Maitreya - Mini Skirt - Dark Leather - Black

Heels - Diktator - OBEY - Spine Heels Bootie - Black

Hand Tattoo - .Reckless - Skeletal Hands - Rare! @ Spooktacular!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Body Modification Expo!!!

Hello my shopping addicts! Hope you are all ready for Depraved's Expo to open up. It opens today at 12slt, get your wallets ready. There are so many great designers. I am sorry that I have not blogged anything from the event. But this is going to change and I have at least a few blog posts for today.

Today I have a very sexy and evil demon Glory. First up we have the horns, to die for literally from the makers of Remarkable Oblivion. Next we have the Collar, earrings, piercing from Plastik, comes in black or silver keys. Next we have this amazing tattoo from Endless Pain Tattoo, comes with lola applier, slink applier and azz applier. We also have some sexy boots from SAKIDE comes with the option to have no chains or no spikes. Also we have some brand new lip gloss from Pink Acid, gotta love those dark colors. Lastly from the expo we have some eye make from SHOCK, comes in many other colors and looks great. Oh and the hair LOVE this hair from Adoness. And the Poses are all from pose+ivity

Last I wanna point out is the skin from The Secret Garden over at the Big Boobie Show. And The cage dress from Haste over at the Fantasy Gacha. Oh and we also have a new item from UtopiaH that is over at the main store. Cant see it very well here but will post again with a better angle.

Skin - .tsg. - Luna - :: Demoness @ Boobies Show!!

Eyes - {D.A} - Shattered- blind

Tattoo - Endless Pain Tattoo - Shogun bw @ Body Expo!!!

Leg Tattoo - UtopiaH - Christian Tights Tattoo New!!!

Eye Shadow - :[P]: - Foxxe makeups- Noir @ Body Expo!!!

Eyes Tattoo - [ S H O C K ] - Queen Of Hell - Black @ Body Expo!!!

Tail - dl: - Demon's Tail

Hair - Adoness - philippis - pitch black @ Body Expo!!!

Lip Gloss - Pink Acid - Gothic Lip Gloss - Night @ Body Expo!!!

Horns - RO - Baphomet Horns - Infernal @ Body Expo!!!

Boots - [ SAKIDE ] - Racy Boots - Black @ Body Expo!!!

Earrings, Collar, Piercing - :[P]: - BME - Jewelry Set - Silver Key @ Body Expo!!!

Dress - [Haste] - Cage Dress - black - Rare @ Fantasy Gacha

Hands - Slink - Hands Female - Casual

Poses - .[ pose+ivity ]. - Hannah & Rockn @ Body Expo!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Elf Warrior!!

Happy Friday my little shopping addicts! So while I was at the fantasy gatcha event I get seeing everyone with these amazing staff's. I found them over at the FORGE gatcha machines along with this amazing jeweled head piece from there as well. Also from FORGE I was given this amazing set of armor from my sexy friend (: CHUBS. TY sweetie you are the best ever. And like any great armor I had to get the matching boots.

After going thru my inventory for hours I had nothing to go with the armor so on the MP I found the most amazing outfit from Runaway. It's so very sexy it also has tangos for the boobie lovers. It comes with so many great items to make it wonderful. Also we have a new hair from Magika. I Loved this look and will be sporting thing outfit for a very long time.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !Rehab - Esme - Tan

Eyes - {D.A.} - Shattered - Blind

Lip Stick - !Rehab - Deep Cherry Lipstick

Eyeliner - >Redbird< - Smudgy Black Store Closed

Nails - [ S H O C K ] - Monochrome Dark Nails - Almond Series

Rings - UtopiaH - Mess Rings - Silver

Piercing - UtopiaH - Snake Bites - silver

Boots - [The Forge] - Daerwen Boot - worn black

Armor - [The Forge]  - Daerwen Armor Female - worn black

Outfit - [RA] - Kalina outfit

Hair - Magika - [01] - Reflect New!!!

Ears - [Sticky Sweet] - Elf Ears - Pierced Store Closed

Hair Piece - [The Forge] - Boadicea's Headpiece Rare - Silver The Fantasy Gatcha

Staff - [The Forge] - Aura Staff Rare - black/Blue @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Such a girlie Photographer!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Thursday who is buying drinks for happy hour? So I found this dress over the TBS and well I thought hmm not much I can do with that but just wear some pasties but then I remembered from the last boobie show I had bought a pink top from DeeTaleZ. So it worked and matched perfectly. The dress is from a new shop called StcikyZ. Love this shop and everything about this place just screams sexy. TY Chubs for letting me blog this for you.

Next we have a couple of brand spanking new items for this round at faMESHed. We have some new sexy heels from N-core, 16 different colors to pick from with a very easy to use HUD to help match you skin color. Lastly we have this very amazing, very detailed Photographer's Eye from Remarkable Oblivion, comes in 2 versions, open and closed.

And I was able to get my hands on my very first hair from Eaters Coma. And to make my way over to Chary to pick up this awesome group gift.

Oh and we have a brand spanking new skin from Modish that will be at the Candy Fair she is called Dani.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Dani skin - Peach Comming Soon @ Candy Fair

Eyes - {D.A} - Sinistre Eyes - Blossom

Liner - Flirt - Colored eye - Pink

Lip Gloss - Pink Acid - Juicy Fruit Lips - Pink

Beauty Mark - Pink Acid - Marilyn Beauty Dot mark

Leg Tattoo - Chary - Leg Stripes Group Gift

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Drops of Lace

Nails - [  S H O C K ] - Monochrome pastel Nails XXL

Hair - Eaters Coma - Hair 33 / Dark Platinum New!!!

Rings - RO - Fierce Ring

Camera - RO - Photographer's Eye - Closed @ FaMESHed!!!

Top - DeeTaleZ - lace top Bandeau - Pink

Dress - StickyZ - Babygirl Dress - White @ TBS!!!!

Heels - N-core - MAMBO @ FaMESHed!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Happy Hump Day everyone! It's beginning of October and so many great events have opened up the past 2 days. One event that opened up is the Fantasy Gatcha. And one of my favorite designers have joined this round. You all remember that post I did a few back from Luas. No? Well here is a little reminder click here to see that post again. Anyways she made this amazing jewel, feather sexy outfit for the gatcha. Comes in 4 common colors with mind you 2 different styles. As well as 4 rares with black or white feather and 2 different styles. I was lucky enough to snag a very beautiful rare silver color. I also found this amazing head piece at the gatcha from Deviance.  There are 15 common colors and 3 rares. Mind you you can change color of the textures for the metal for the common ones. For the rares you can change the color of the metal, jewels, petals, leaves. I was a big dork and didn't read the texture right and ended up buying more and more trying to get one I thought I might needed. Lucky enough I was able to snag The Maiden.  Love them both so much I have another jeweled top from Luas that I will blog a little later on. Got some brand new hair from LaViere.

P.S. I still want the Priestess and Princess rares from Deviance. *wink wink*

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - Glam Affair - Neva Skin - America 05

Eyes - .ID. - City Light - blue

Tattoo - Chary - Vanity Tattoo @ TBS!!!

Eye Shadow & Face Tattoo - :[P]: - The Naamah Body Jewelry outfit

Nails - [ S H O C K ] - Black Love Nails - Almond Series

Eyelashes - [LeLutka] - 2011- lashes/long

Earrings - Izzie's - Feather Earrings - White

Rings - UtopiaH - Mess Rings - Silver

Feet - N-core - Tip Toe Barefeet

Hair - Laviere - Amanda/White New!!!

Pasties - >>ROOTS<< - 00S10022 Pasties 1

Jeweled Crown - Deviance - Erulisse Circlet - The Maiden RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha!!!

Outfit - LUAS - Redemption Jewels - silver white RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha!!!