Friday, June 28, 2013


Hello and happy Friday to everyone! Got a nice post filled with all kinds of goodies. First up we have these awesome boots from Remarkable Oblivion comes in 2 colors Tan and leather. These are available over at FaMESHed event. Also from RO we have the lil bitchy pin, comes in many colors and 3 different styles. Now these are gonna be at the SL Fashion Week so make sure you stop by and pick up a pin.

Next I haven't been to this store in forever but I found a link on Facebook and took me to the MP store where I found this cute sexy top from Lil'Lace. Lastly  SU  has release a pair of new MESH undies, you can wear normally or around your knees or even around your ankles. Oh and one more thing PinkAcid is over at the Fi*Friday and she has out some way cool prim lashes and liners. I actually have lashes and a liner on.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

(Lots of Pics)

Skin - [MC] - Evian Skin - Gothic

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Ecdysis Tattoo - V3

Hair - "LoQ Hair" - BerryJuice

Lashes & Liner - ::Pink Acid:: - Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Make-Up - Gothica/Pencil @ Fi*Friday!!

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - black

Earrings - House A.B. - Customizable hoop Earrings

Boots - RO - Hobnails - Leather @ FaMESHed!!!

Pin - RO - Insignia - Most Bitchy @ SLFW!!!!

Eyes - {D.A} - Shattered - Blind

Top - Lil'Lace - Tube Top - Black New!!!

Pantie - -SU!- Basic pantie - black New!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SpearSong and RO

Happy Hump Day my little shopping addict's. Got some pretty awesome stuff, I was flipping thru my SS folders and came across a killer looking outfit. First we have these awesome sexy heel boots. Next we have these very awesome trendy skirt, as well as a sexy black studded bra. All this from SpearSong. Next we have a sexy cool tattoo from !Fappy that is available at the boobies show.  Lastly I know these have been out for awhile now but the Famous rings from RO. 

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - LaLaz Skin - Honey

Eye Liner - cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009  @ Cosmetic Fair

Lip Gloss - ::Pink Acid:: - Clear Lip Gloss

Tattoo - !Fappy.  - Swallow Chains - light @ The Boobies Show!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Reflections Eyes - Light Green

Earring Cuff - [7891.] - Xenno Cuff - Gold

Rings - RO - Famous ring - Rainbow and Black

Nails - [S H O C K] - Scratch Nails - Almond Series

Hair - [LeLutka]  - Jada - Dark Blonde roots - StrawberryBlondRoots

Boots - .:SS:. - Ankle Boot - black

Skirt - .:SS:. - ABSTRACT - high Mini

Bra - .:SS:. - Studded T Back Bra

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kini Kinda Day!

Happy Monday Everyone! I feel like I could just be at a pool all day so here is a nice little bikini I found at TDR from Le Primitif ! Also found this sexy skin at the TDR from Essences, love the face on her and the tone is perfect. I also have the tattoo from  Delusions over at the Boobies Show so yes it comes with a applier for some kisses on your boobies. Next for the Endless Summer Hunt we have two great items from HollyWeird which is the flower tattoo and piercing septum and Hebenon Vial we have the face piercing. Also we have a new sexy hair over at love love it!!! Oh and lastly I saw these eyes from another blog and thought they were awesome check em out from DeadApples!

Oh and all the poses are from Purple Poses called Danna! I could not find this pose set in the store but I did find them on the marketplace.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - Essences - Whisper *Brown Sugar* @ TDR

Lower Tattoo & Piercing - .HW. - Petalz - Belly Tattoo & Dermal Piercing ES Hunt!!!

Tattoo - .::Delusions::. - Love and Be Loved Boobies Show!!!

Hair - Truth - Wanda - Black&White 06 New!!!

Eyes - {D.A} - Shattered - Blind

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - Black

Rings - RO - Lucky In Love - Red

Leg Harness - .Shi - Leg Harness

Heels - N-core - Tip Toe Barefeet

Bikini - :::LP::: - Chained Bikini Silver [Red] @ TDR!!!!

Poses - Purple Poses - Danna  New!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

JetStream @ RO

Happy Friday everyone! Got a quick little post. SL Fashion Week starts today at 1 pm SLT and Remarkable Oblivion is in it with this awesome headphones called JetStream. Very well made and so very detailed. Make sure you go and grab these amazing headphones when 1 o'clock rolls around.         They will have 3 colors Pink, Grey and Camo.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !R - Juicy MarketPlace Only!!!!

Top - <TheAbyss> - F_Gear//Pruriency_Corset - black

Eyes - .ID. - Creature of the Night v2/Blind

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - Black

LipStick - ::PinkAcid:: - Elegant Lipstick - Blood Red

Eye Make Up - BlackLiquid - Switch black @ COSMETIC Fair

Rings - RO - Duality

Hair - Slink - Angel

HeadPhones - RO - JetStream @ SLFW!!!!

Piercing - :HV: - Subtle Dare - Oil Thin ES Hunt!!!!

Tears - :Little Pricks: - Dirty Tears

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Time!!!

Happy Thursday everyone! So last night a brand new Hunt started called Endless Summer Hunt. Have a couple of items to show off for you today. First we have the cute flower tattoo and dermal piercing in the hip, this is from HollyWeird. Next we have the cute bench from A&A, comes with one cute couple pose and 2 single poses. Thanks to Stasey for letting me use her store as my background. OXOX

Couple of new things we have the oh so very sexy fringe bikini from ForeverYoung! Comes with a hud to change the color. Next we have the sexy hair from Truth, gotta love that truth hair! Next we have some very awesome eye make up from Glam Affair over at the Cosmetic Fair. I must say that this is not a make up layer it is a prim or mesh part that attaches to your eyes. These you can adjust to fit your eyes and will move when your eyes move. Lastly we have this Oh so AMAZING skin from Modish! I swear I love these skin's and will forever blog these skins. Also I have been seeing these leg harnesses on all the blogs and I finally went and bought me some. Awesome job on them I love them they are from Shi.

For any more information on the hunt click here!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Lalaz Skins - Honey - Cheek Bluch, PoreGlitter New!!!

Lip Stick - ::Modish:: - LaLaz Lipstick - Set B-7 New!!!

Eyeliner - Glam Affair - Colorful Eyeliner - Glitter Black/Pink @ Cosmetic Fair!!!

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes / Colors/ Dark / Pink

Earring - MG - Pearl Daisies

Rings - MG - Tiger Lily Flower

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails- White

Leg Harness - .Shi. Leg harness - Patent-Femme

Tattoo & Piercing - .HW. - Petalz Belly Tattoo & Dermal Piercing ES Hunt!!!

Arm's Tattoo - Tenjin - Automatic Flowers

Hair - Truth - Colbie - Blondes02 New!!!

Feet - N-core - Tip Toe Barefeet

Bikini - :FY: - Fringe Bikini (solids) New!!!

Bench - ::A&A:: - Endless Summer Garden Bench ES Hunt!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Revolt & Mar and ID

Hello my shopping addict's. Got a couple new things to talk about this post. First we have this oh so amazing skin from Mar! Love the color of the skin and the simple but sexy eye make up. Look at how that eye brow is up like she is about to kick some ass! Haha! Next we have this crazy cool skirt from Revolt! I was given versions 1 and 3 and comes with lots of different textures all on one great HUD. Lastly Insufferable Dastard has put out a new monthly gift and along with a bunch of new eye's. Check em out they are amazing!

Skin - ::Mar:: - Kaya Pale Skin - brow 1 New!!!

Eyes - .ID. - June Gift - Galaxy Eyes Monthly Gift!!!

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Drops of Lace Tattoo

Nails - ...:::Scrub:::.. - Damask & Purple Nails

Ring 1 - ..::Bens Beauty::.. - Lace Ribbon Ring

Ring 2 - MG - Love Heart

Earrings - Izzie's - Feather Earrings - Purple

Lip Gloss - ::Pink Acid:: - Starship Lipstcik - Purple

Eyeliner - cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat @ Cosmetic Fair 

Hair - AD - .b - Fix - black

Lashes - [LeLutka] - 2011 lashes/long

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - Black

Skirt - [R3] - Leah Skirt [V1] New!!!

Top - ::Pink Acid:: - Leather Freak Bustier - black

Friday, June 14, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! Today is the day the Man of Steel comes out and I'm gonna be in line to see that tonight! Cant wait! Anyways a cute and sexy look for today. Modish has this skin over at the Puppet Fair. The face is so adorable and so cute very much like a doll. The bodysuit is from the very talented and awesome Patchwork over at the bewbapalooza event. It's in the gatcha so good luck to you. They have My little pony, care bears and a few others. I was able to get all of them except flutter shy *sad face*. The cute sexy skirt is from HolliPocket over at the WC Monthly event. This skirt was a bit tricky to adjust since it dose not have a re-size script in it you have to stretch it to fit your shape. Lastly the hair from Analog Dog, I said last post that there is a texture on the bangs that you can change as well as the color of this texture. Cute right? And lastly we have some sexy lipstick from Pink Acid which was featured at the 100 Block but should be in the main store now.

Oh and Super good news I got accepted as a blogger for Revolt! So soon I should be pushing out those amazing looks after I go thru everything.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Dollz - Cream @ Puppet Fair

Eyes - .ID. - Gem Eyes - Pink

Hair - AD - meme - winter New!!!

Rings - {me.} - Diva Ring - B&W

Nails - Mstyle - Edge Nails - White

Lipstick - ..::Pink Acid::.. - Renee lips - Dusty Pink

Heels - N-core - DELICIOUS - White

Key - *JaqueMate* - Doll Key Glass Store Closed

Skirt - *HolliPocket* - Bend Me Over Mini - Floral White @ WCM!!

Body Suit - PWH - My Little Pony - Pinkie @ Bewbapalooza!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Belted @ SCRUB

Hello my shopping addict's. So I signed on SL the other day and got a new item release from SCRUB and HOLY SHIT! This skirt is so fucking sexy and bad ass. It's a 8 buckle belted skirt with a hud to change the color of the buckles. This skirt it to die for literally... ok maybe not literally but this skirt is a must buy! Lots of other colors and has 3 different alphas to help make a better fit for your avie. Also Analog Dog release a cute new hair the other day. Love the long lock of hair and the cute sexy curls. This also has a cute lil design you can change on the bangs area. 5 different patterns and you can change the color of that pattern. I have another post later on with the same hair with that pattern visible on the hair....WAY cute! On to the goods!!!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !R - Esme - Tan

Lip Gloss - !R - Esme - Tan - Deep Cherry Lipstick

Liner - >Redbird< - Neon Liners - Red Store Closed

Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Thunder Eyes - Silver @ Arcade

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Serpent's Desire

Hair - AD - .b meme - blacks New!!!

Nails - Mstyle - Edge Nails - Black

Rings - RO - Duality - black

Heels - REDGRAVE - Helena

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Drops of Lace Tattoo

Top - [AB] - Bandana Top Black @ The Boobies Show

Collar - Simplecandy  - Massacre Collar

Skirt - ...:: SCRUB ::... - 8 Buckles Skirt - Black New!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Super Nova!!!

Hello my fellow shopping addicts!!! A sexy little number for this post. I Love the hair from LeLutka the shaved head is so very sexy and I Love this hair. Next we have this sexy top from Pink Acid that is available at TDR. Comes in 3 different Patterns and boobie friendly. Next we have some amazing eyes from Dead Apples over at the Arcade. I wants all the colors haha! Lastly I know I talked about this skin from Modish before but I just love it. It was a featured Item at the 100 Block and is now at the Main store. Lots of oldies but goodies for this post hope you all have a good weekend.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Iva - Honey

Upper Tattoo - UtopiaH - Drops of Lace Tattoo @ Perfect Wardrobe

Lower Tattoo - UtopiaH - Beautiful Disaster Tattoo

Rings - UtopiaH - Mess Rings - Silver

Eyes - {Dead Apples} - Thunder Eyes - Sky @ The Arcade

Hair - [LeLutka] - Ellie hair - Dark Blonde Roots - IdontBleachRoots

Earrings - [Mandala] - Feather Earrings - White

Eyeliner - MONS - Black eyeliner Series-1  @ Numberology

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - White

Thong - dl:: - Simple Sexy panties - white

Heels - N-core - Delicious - White

Skirt - *Milk* - My Russian Mini Skirt

Top - ::Pink Acid:: - Long Sleeve Half Tops - Blue @ TDR

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Lace

Happy Friday! Everyone about ready for the weekend? Got a few sexy things to talk about. First up we have this sexy sexy lace top from HolliPocket available at the Perfect Wardrobe Event! 2 other colors to pick from besides the pink but come who doesn't love pink? Also from the Perfect Wardrobe we have this cute lace tattoo from UtopiaH. Next we have a sexy skirt all the way from RedMint, been a long time since I posted anything from this amazing lady. Skirt comes with many many different sizes to choose from the option to have the thong strings showing or not and a HUD to change the color of the panties. Next we have this amazing sexy hair from LeLutka, I love the shaved head look and the colors blend so well together. Lastly We have the most cutest skin from Modish, I love the face on this skin is so innocent but so sexy. This skin is available at the Puppet Fair. Lastly we have some sexy eye liner from MONS over at the NUMEROLOGY event. Have a good weekend and have fun.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - ::Modish:: - Dollz - Honey  @ Puppet Fair!!

Eyes - .ID. - Soulful v2 Colors - Rose

Tattoo - UtopiaH - Drops of Lace Tattoo @ Perfect Wardrobe

Eyeliner - MONS - Makeups - black eyeliner series 1  @ NUMBEROLOGY

Nails - Mstyle EDGE - white

Hair - [LeLutka] - JADA Hair - Dark Blonde - Strawberry blonde roots NEW!!!!

Rings - UtopiaH - Mess rings in Silver

Heels - N-core - DELICIOUS - Pink

Lip Gloss - ::PinkAcid:: - Basic Lip Shine Lip Gloss v2 - Pinky

Earring - *MonCheri* - Pink Feather

Top - *HolliPocket* - Tookie Lookie-Lacey Candy 2 @ Perfect Wardrobe

Skirt - (r) - LowRide Mini Skirt - No.06 New!!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Music Time

Hello my fellow shopping addicts. How was everyone's week and weekend? My trip was fun but very tiring. Yay for sore legs and feet and sun burns. :P~~~~

So I'm back now and I have a sexy lil dress from Mow. There are 14 different styles and colors for this sexy dress. It is Mesh and comes in all the normal sizes so be sure to demo before buying. Next we have this sexy awesome hair from the very talented Truth. I Love all the new colors and textures cant wait to see more hair's from truth. Oh and also the headphones are from RO and were at the 100 Block event but should be at the main store now along with the Amped Headphones.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - !R - Esme - Tan Pack

Lip Gloss - !R - Esme Tan - Deep Cherry Lipstick

Eyeliner - UtopiaH- Always Hiding Make Up

Tattoo - ::Para Designs:: - Dirty Mehndi ~V2 - light

Rings - UtopiaH- Mess Rings in Silver

Eyes - .ID. - Soulful v2 Colors - Rust

Piercing - [ni.ju] - Serpent's Desire

Nails - Mstyle - EDGE Nails - Black

Headphones - RO - Megahertz  Earphones

Hair - Truth - Storm - Varity - Reds03 New!!!

Boots - Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots - black

Dress - [M.o.w] - Shoulder Dress - Style 07 New!!!