Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cStar Limited

Hello lovelies.....I am super excited because cStar finally showed us bloggers what skin she has created for the The Whore Couture Event. The name for this skin was kinda oddly picked but it turned out great. I give you The Glory Whore Skin!.........*waits*.........I know its a little weird but this skin is fantastic. The lips on this skin are to die for and the eyes have this dark shade of purple. This skin comes in 4 different skin shades. So perfect! Also more great news..speaking of the Whore Couture event!!! Yours truly *points to myself* will be part of the bloggers team for The Whore Couture!!! IKR!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!So as soon as I get my hands on all those great items I will post my heart out. Oh couple more things....found a new hair store called (love). This sexy dress comes in to version's, revealing and non revealing. Oh Also one more thins on the last picture is a pose of me laying down....its a pose from AppleSpice that will also be a item at the Whore Couture Event!

Lipstick lush skin!  This sexy babe of a skin named Glory Whore, was produced for the Whore Couture Fair that opens March 1st.  You can see how this skin gets around, her mascara below her eyes from her being watery, the thumb smearing her lipstick mark and heavy bold eyeshadow.  She is any man or woman's idol in a porno flick! 

This Skin  is Limited to 10 Quantity per tone.  The tones are in the Elven Edition; Elven Cool, Elven Natural, Elven Olive and Elven Warm.

Enjoy and Shop On!!!!

Gloves - [Glue Ink] - Ree Gloves (floral)

Eyelashes - DAMNED - My perfect Eyelashes <3

Rings - JCNY - One Love ring

Skin - cStar Limited - Glory Whore Skin - Whore Couture Fair - [Elven Olive] MediumCup Whore Couture Event Only!!!

Earrings - AppleMayDesigns - Obnoxious Hoops - Silver

Fishnet - *blowpop* - Fishnet tights - black-Rip

Tattoo - .::Delustions::. - Can I keep you Tattoo

Boots - .:Ducknipple:. - SLX Outfit: Motor Grrl

Hair base - DeetaleZ - Shaved flowery blonde

Hair(love) hair - cameron [blondes]

Eyes - REPULSE - Rigor Mortis Eyes (Dilated)

Dress - ! Devilish Designs - Undisclosed Desires - Red Mini 2 Versions- Revealing

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