Saturday, April 6, 2013

New @ SL Fashion Week

Happy Saturday Everyone!~ I'm just about to head out so I figure i'd post this before I procrastinate - :P
From these fantastic Shoes-to the sunglasses on my head all of these wonderful items can be found at this week's SL fashion week event.

Check it out! Link to the event!

Shirt:Crash Republic-Washed Neon Sweater
Shorts:Shine by [ZD]- Cargo shorts
Shoes: Whatever-Wedge Sandal

Make up + Accessories:
Lips: Pink Acid-Silk lips & Teeth-Rose
Freckles: [okkbye]-Freckles + Moles -Marina-Pale
Sunglasses: {{BSD Design Studio}}- Sunglasses- supermodel oliva

Skin: WOW skins-Sasha tone
Eyes: ID Gem Eyes-Dark Aqua
Hair: Truth-Elisha

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