Monday, August 6, 2012

Frosting & Mystic Canvass!!!

Hello my fellow shopper's. Today I was able to go thru all the Mystic Canvass items I received since joining the group. WOW these skins are just to die for on anyone. But I was also handed from New shapes from Frosting and OMG!! Perfectly beautifully these shapes and skins go together.

The skins from MC are a bit of everything from; skins for the Pink Ribbon Fair, to group gifts, to fi* Friday skin's to any and everything. So enough talk and lets get on to the shapes and skin's.

Enjoy and Shop On!

This in the Andie shape from Frosting!

Skin's -  Mystic Canvass - Left to Right -

Faena Skin-D Cup Pink - Lip Light shadow Pink Ribbon Fair!!!

Linnea - Pink Ribbon Fair - D Cup Ribbon Lip Dark Shadow Liner Pink Ribbon Fair!!!

Rose - Pink Ribbon Fair 2 skin D Cup Bright Lip Gloss Pink Ribbon Fair!!!

The Pink Hair is also from Mystic Canvass and is available at the Pink Ribbon Fair!

This is the Andie shape from Frosting

Skin's - Mystic Canvass - Left to Right-

Izza - 2 Ski D Cup Dark Pink Lip

Gia - 2 Skin D CupPink Lip Smokey Pink Shadow

Shay - Fi*Friday D Cup Gloss Red-Lip

This is the Sundae shape from Frosting

Skin's - Mystic Canvass - Left to Right

August - Group Gift

Dina - Skin  Red Lip - D Cup

Brit 2 - Skin - D Cup Shimmer Shadow Pink

This is the Britnie Shape from Frosting

Skin - Blogger's Group Gift Skin - D Cup - Red Lip

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