Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowflake Princess

Hello my lovelies...It's me again. As you all know it's December and you know what that means? New cStar Skin!!! That's right its that time again for the swamping of the lucky chair. This is such a beautiful skin so perfect for that winter season. Oh and this dress is from SADIKE. Sooooo pretty it has 3 different top options so that is just even more perfect. So on that note Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Skin - cStar Limited - Miss December Skin 2011 - Fair

Make-Up - Drama eyes - black

Hair - Truth - Faith - Snow

Eyes - .ID. Xmas eyes Silver bells

Rings - [EY:NO] Reindeer Ring

Necklace - [EY:NO] Snow Globe necklace

Eye lashes - Damned - My perfect eyelashes <3

Piercing - [ni.Ju] Encore Piercing. Dark

Gloves - [GlueInk] Ree gloves white lace

Dress - [SAKIDE] Snowflake Ballerina Dress

Boots - [SAKIDE] Christmas fur uggs - White

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