Monday, November 26, 2012

Newness @ Modish & Mystic Canvass

Hello my shopping addicts, Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Got some wickedly awesome skins from 2 great designers. Modish and Mystic Canvass! They have 2 skin's up at The Singer's Icon Fair, which is going on now.You have a No Doubt and Xtina skin from Modish, I just LOVE the No Doubt skin, it has this perfectly awesome face with some built in eyeliner. Then we have Bjork and Cindy Lauper skin for Mystic Canvass. So many tones available for each skin and they each comes with a matching shape.

Thank You Lara and Ele! <3 <3

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Left to Right:

Skin 1 - ::Modish:: - X Tina Skin

Skin 2 - ::Modish:: - No Doubt Skin

Skin 3 - [ Mystic Canvass ] - Cindy Lauper Skin

Skin 4 - [ Mystic Canvass ] - Bjork Skin

Panties - [Glue Ink] - Lil undies - black

Hair - .Ploom. - Sha

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