Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Wonderland

80's Song Listen<---- best 80's song ever!!!! Hello my darlings...your prolly thinking why on earth is she bringing up the 80's. Well......cStar is gonna be in Vintage Fair starting tomorrow!!!!! And I have it.... I love the make up on this skin and the beauty mark is perfectly placed. And the lips are just rockin! Its a special edition skin that will only be available at this event. There are 8 different skins tones. Also a kinda new hair from Magika...I got this hair when it came out I just never really wore it for any of my posts. But you get to see it now! Yayyy....I know I'm weird. Anyways....Enjoy and Shop On!

Eyes - Sorry.Asia- Dark Side Eyes-Smoke

Eye lashes - Damned - My perfect eyelashes <3
Earrings - [Mandala] :Senjyu Earrings/Black Hole

Ring's - [Virtual/Insanity] Sub Rosa Ring
Shoes - Mstyle - Rivea Pumps - Pink Flowers
Skin - cStar Limited - 80's Show Off Skin [Tanned] 

Hair - Magika - [01] TwentyFour

Tattoo - S (and) P Butterflies Flying Tattoo

Dress - :Stick Fingers: My Pink sweater dress

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