Monday, November 28, 2011

New @ Pink Acid!!!!!

Well well is everyone all stuffed and full from eating to much turkey dinner?! Haha on to Christmas food right? Anyways Pink Acid has a shop in world now if you didn't notice that background posts in the Shopping time post. But no worries just go to her shop cause its awesome. Also some killer new make up from Ms.Oller. Thank you so much Stasey for passing along all your creations.TY TY TY TY <3 So Enjoy aaaannnnd Shop On!!!

Picture #1- Pink Acid Dolly Lips, lashes & Blush - Pink
                   Pink Acid Bright Velvet Lipsticks & Eyelashes - Pink

Picture #2 - Pink Acid Rainbow Bright Eyeliner,Eyeshadow & Eyelashes <3
                    Pink Acid Teeth, Blush,Eyelashes & Freckles

Picture #3 - Pink Acid Jet Black Eyeliner Smoke Eyes & Lashes Make-Up
                    Pink Acid Sweet Gloss - Pink

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