Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hair Hair and so much more!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Mother's Day! I know I am slacking just dealing with some RL issues. I'm trying so I kept getting all this new hair and I have not blogged a single hair so I figured Hair Post!  First hairs we have from Moon Hair over at the chapter four event. It comes with two different hairs, also from the event is Little Bones they have some really adorable hair styles out.Click here to go to Chapter Four Next from SpellBound we have this beautiful pin up hair style, it's like get out of bed and pin up your hair. It also comes with a scarf that wraps around the hair and has a HUD to change the texture of it. Last hair comes from Truth I know I have seen this hair in so many blog posts but I just had to blog it, loved this hair in the colors pack.

Couple of things that are brand new are the butterfly I have on my spellbound hair is from Remarkable Oblivion!!! These cute butterfly wings are over at the We <3 Roleplay event comes in many other colors and has to options for each color. As soon as I get back on SL I will take comes close up pics of the wings and all the colors as well. Lastly we have this really cute top from EPIA, bout time we got come female stuff. The last time I blog EPIA was the Tia Sweater which btw I think needs more colors like I dunno PINK!  The tank top has a HUD to change its color and the color of the zipper in the back of the shirt.

Anyways thanks for listening to my rantings I think this is the most I have ranted about anything!

Enjoy and Shop On!!!

Oh P.S. I know some of the pics my hips look wide and not wide I had to stretch the photos so they would all fit. Happens when you are taking pics and SL crashes on you in the middle Oh Well.

Tank Top - (epia) - Tamera Tank New!!!

Hair - (left to right) Moon - Daydream, Cult Division - SpellBound - Sunday - Little Bones - Les Garcons, Take Everything - Truth - Elyse

Butterfly Wing - RO - Papillon - Spinel We <3 Role-Play

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